Lara Logan on her horrendous gang rape attack at the hands of muslim men in egypt

The video from 60 Minutes is below. Note that throughout this interview you seldom, if ever hear the word muslims, islam, sharia law, terrorists(that is what this mob was and look at egypt today after these goons 'liberated' the country.) Now the mulsim brotherhood is in position to take over. Women will be subjected to live and be ruled over by muslim men, drunk with power from islamic sharia law. CBS was VERY careful to make sure there was little in Lara Logan's interview to condemn islam, muslim men for the pigs they are, condemn or sharia law. The fact the Ms. Logan had no idea that rape and harassment of women is so prevalent in the islamic world is quite sad. The fact that CBS let her go into that square with so small a 'security team' is shameful. CBS should have realized this was a very dangerous and volatile situation to release ANY female reporter into.

What happened to Lara Logan happens all the time to women in egypt, which has one of the worst records in the muslim/islamic world for the rape, harassment and subjugation on women and young girls. Men are seldom brought to justice and in Lara Logan's case, it is very unlikely there will be anyone caught and convicted for the gang rang she suffered. In fact in islam, it is always the woman's fault and to men rape is just part of the benefit of being a muslim male.

Lara Logan's interview on 60 Minutes:

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HermitLion said...

Sounds to me like she was raped twice: once by the muslims, and once by those who made her give this absolutely fake interview.

So much for journalistic integrity.