Day Three at UC Irvine Israel Hate Week

Gary Fouse

"Hello, Campus Police? I wanna report a fire."

This is just a short post which will be supplemented later. Today the community showed up to support Israel. I would say about 50-70 people. Matan Cohen was the speaker and he was dismantled and embarrassed in the Q and A and subsequent back and forth. I will have additional photos and video.

Young Matan Cohen getting few pointers from the Old Ranger.

Hedy Epstein was speaking Wednesday night, but I skipped it to go to UCLA and hear David Horowitz speak.

Of note is that some person tipped off the campus police that these commnunity people would be a mob dedicated to disrupting the event and causing trouble. Of course that never happened. The police were out in force, we cooperated with them fully, and there were no incidents. The "mob" was made up almost entirely of older folks and most of them were women.

So who was the anonymous person who tipped off the police with this false information in an effort to discredit the protesters?

Stay tuned.

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