The Daily Catch Videos for 5-9-2011: Churches burning in egypt, May Day march of the SEIU, commies and much more..

The Daily Catch Videos for 5-9-2011.

The Case For Israel: From Ban The Koran Video Library

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Churches burning in egypt: Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Egypt sectarian clashes orchestrated, say witnesses.

SEIU and commies march together on May Day. How touching. This is from Los Angeles, Falikornia

Pat Condell: Justice for OBL. The language is a bit dicey but gotta love this guy!

This comes from Trevor Loudon/ New Zeal.

More commies and illegals in action and sluming around with their democrat friends.

An interesting little Marxist on Marxist leftist faction fight in Sacramento last May Day.

Far left Democrats, carrying Che Guevara signs, protest their own party’s lack of progress on immigration reform – legalizing illegal immigrants in other words.

Dolores Huerta, United Farm Workers icon, friend of Hillary Clinton‘s, Democratic Party activist and Democratic Socialists of America leader, defends her Dem comrades and attacks the GOP.

Stupid Aussie OBL wanna be goes on a rant. One bullet will cure this loser of all his troubles, like islam. From Vlad Tepes.

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