If You’re Reading This You Might be Racist

It always comes back to the race issue, sigh. I am a racist and I admit it BUT I am against all races, religions, etc at one time or another and that includes being against myself at times. islam is a perverted twisted political ideology that has been wrongly branded as a religion. I consider myself an equal opportunity racist. There is a special place in hell for islam. Damn, there I go again.

Back to the topic. My disgust with the mullah in the White House has nothing to do with his being black or a muslim(that he is a muslim does not help though). It has to do with what he has done since elected and what he plans to keep on doing until he is voted out of office or impeached. I could care less if he is Chinese, Mexican, White, whatever. I would still dislike it, immensely. obama has one mission, to destroy the greatness that make us America. He wants to me it amerika and the heart of the muslim world.

As far his eligibility issue, I do not think he is and to question this is not racist. The documents produced looked cooked up to me and prove nothing to help his claims to the White House out accept for those who are already brainwashed by too much Kool-Aid, and are NWO progressives at all costs.

After all, he has spent over two million bucks to keep his records sealed. So what is he REALLY hiding? What do they expect us to do? March the goose step down Pennsylvania avenue with the rest of his far leftarded trolls and minions? I think not! If asking questions and demanding real answers makes us racists, then so be it.

BFD. Call me a racist an islamophobe whatever, domestic terrorist, gun totting neocon whack job kook. It is not the first time and certainly will NOT be the last.

If this offends you then why are you here? We are all racists at one time or another.


If You’re Reading This You Might be Racist
By Doug Gamble

Whoopi Goldberg says that, yes, she is playing the race card. MSNBC lunatic Ed Shultz says Republicans are a racist party. PBS program host Tavis Smiley says the 2012 presidential election will be the most racist in history. A pastor, Reverend Amos Brown, told Bill O’Reilly that Donald Trump is racist for urging President Obama to “get off the basketball court” and take care of business, because basketball is associated more with blacks than whites.

Living in a society where political incorrectness, even the slightest slip of the tongue or unintended nuance, can end a career and lead to banishment from the human race, I try my best from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning to demonstrate that I’m not a racist.

For example, the other day I burned my toast, but did I take a knife and scrape off the blackened parts? No way. In today’s climate, that might have been perceived as racism. And just to be on the safe side, I didn’t even put white bread into the toaster. No sir. It was whole wheat which is sort of brownish in color. And I felt good about it, I had a warm glow inside, knowing that I’m now part of the solution and not part of the problem.

But really, the point is it’s getting awfully confusing for non-racists, which includes me and everyone I know personally, to anticipate just what will be considered racism by the lefties, the guardians of all that is just and proper. The Trump remark is a good example. Obviously he didn’t say Obama should leave the basketball court and focus on America’s problems because he’s racist, he said it because the president is known to spend time fooling around playing basketball.

If you take the racist nonsense to what liberals would consider a logical conclusion, and if you buy their premise that criticism of Obama is in and of itself racist, as opposed to honest disagreement, then the Republicans will commit a racist act by nominating a candidate to run against him. Because the Republican candidate will invariably criticize the president and such criticism, we are told, is racist. Presumably, the only way the GOP can demonstrate it is not racist is to let Obama run for reelection unopposed.

When Tavis Smiley predicts the 2012 presidential election will be the most racist in history, does he mean Republican election rallies will feature white sheets and cross burnings? No. He means Republicans will try to convince voters that Obama should no longer be president, and to try defeating an African-American president is racist. Note to liberals: Most people who oppose Obama do not do so because his skin his dark but because his policies are pink if not red.

They do not want him gone because they’re racists, they want him gone because they’re capitalists. And if the 2012 election centers around racism it will be because Obama wants it that way. His unofficial campaign theme, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, will be, “Are you more or less racist than you were four years ago?”

As for Whoopie Goldberg, she once stood by while her then-boyfriend, actor Ted Danson, appeared at a comedy roast in blackface, looking like he had stepped out of an old minstrel show. That didn’t bother Whoopie and other lefties, of course, because Danson is a Democrat and Democrats are immune from charges of racism.

In the end, liberals branding everything anti-Obama as racist is going to backfire because most Americans are insulted and turned off by it. They know in their hearts that skin color has nothing whatsoever to do with opposition to a president who is destroying America. Also, because the race card is now routinely played, every day, all the time, voters will start tuning out and it will become more and more ignored as with the boy who cried wolf.

Martin Luther King said he hoped for the day when people would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. But now, to judge President Obama on his character and not the color of his skin, is branded as racist.

Having worked in radio, advertising, public relations and as a newspaper columnist, Doug Gamble (Douggamble.com) is best known as a writer of humor and speech material for President Ronald Reagan — including some of Reagan’s most memorable lines in the 1984 re-election campaign — and President George H.W. Bush, and as a writer for comedian Bob Hope.

He has also written for Republican candidates and officeholders at virtually every level of government, as well as for the CEO’s of major corporations.

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