The Daily Catch For 4-30-2011: PastorTerry Jones in Dearbornistan, women driving in Saudia Arabia, Nozzlerage and much more

The Daily Catch Videos for 4-30-2011
Pastor Terry Jones back in Dearbornistan, Saudi Arabian women drive more, Steven Crowder, Nozzlerage,  Buddhists fight back in Thailand, and more.

This may have some language that is offensive to some of you.

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Always On Watch said...

Just a few years ago, we couldn't have imagined any such thing happening at a demonstration by Terry Jones -- not ever in Dearbornistan.

Look at where we are now!

It is no coincidence that what happened in Dearbornistan yesterday is happening under the Obama administration. Moslems around the world feel emboldened by all of Obama's reaching out to the ummah.

HermitLion said...

I love what those Buddhist Thais are doing. They understand islamists perfectly, and we should all take a page out of their book.