Terrible pictures of starving Gazans

Yesterday, a friend shared with me an article from a mainstream (read: leftist) news site about the terrible condition of the abused Islamic hordes in Gaza.
Would you look at these poor guys? Their stuck out bellies... nothing but skin and bones. Word has it these unfortunate victims of Israeli genocidal policies eat only six protein filled meals a day, making the fat, piggish Jews in the holocaust look like hedonist kings in comparison. I'll repeat, in order to make it clear to you heartless, imperialist, capitalist conservatives...

This is a starving Gazan:

And this is a fat Jew:

Remember that the next time you think supporting Israel against a billion Muslims is ok. The horror knows no bounds!

Bodybuilding contest held in Gaza (the English version is much shorter than the Hebrew one, for reasons I can only speculate on).

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PatriotUSA said...

Yes, and we can recall all those markets that were overflowing
with fresh meats, veges, fruits
and breads that the kind
benevolent nazi's had for the
Jews in the death camps.

Those in Gazastan are mere
pawns that the powers of the
arab world to keep in check
to make sure they have a case
against Israel. The world is
so ignorant!

HermitLion said...

That's why I thought those two pictures the leftists provided (under the theme of "they're trying to go back to normality"), would actually do us a service.
Knowledge can defeat ignorance, but against stupidity, the gods themselves struggle in vain.