A sample of anti-Israeli irony

Hello everyone. This is my first post here, so please bear with me.

Now, as a person who lives in Israel, I get to hear hateful lies about my country on a regular basis, either spewed by the media (most notably our own), or from random individuals online (some 'educated student' convincing people that Israel is a "Theocracy", was one of the worst flips of the actual situation that I've ever witnessed), but every now and the system of unrestrained, shameless, blatant, irresponsible, anti-Israeli hate propaganda manages to top its own absurdity.

The sum of it from the article: "Two paintings by Norway's Haakon Gullvaag that show an Israeli flag have been withdrawn from an exhibition at the French Cultural Centre in the Syrian capital, the artist said on Monday.His 'Terra Sancta' exhibition contains works about the Israeli offensive against the Islamist-ruled Gaza Strip in December 2008 and January 2009."
These two paintings depict the Israeli flag rising over dead babies, and a pile of skulls. If you want to enjoy this 'work of art', check the full article. Pretty standard anti-Israel propaganda - wars are terrible, and Jews are monsters, who weren't actually fighting anyone else, but merely butchering innocent children, brainwash, rinse, repeat, etc.

Now, for the protocol I'd say that the more of Israel's enemies that die while engaging in offensive operations against this country - the better.
In fact, it doesn't matter if these brutes were launching missiles, flinging rocks from catapults, or tossing spent baby diapers over the border. The second you commit an act of war against a nation state, you are effectively waving any rights that were held up to this point. It is self-evident that a party that breaks peace in an aggressive manner (that is, not in order to preempt an imminent attack from the other side), is liable to all damages it incurs as result of its own actions - be it loss of property, lives, land, or donkeys.
Such is the price of failure, and a failed warmonger must indeed pay.
Therefore, unless you are an extreme leftist screwball, it should be quite clear that the responsibility for every casualty of war in Gaza lies on the shoulders of Hamas, and all its supporters (which is the vast majority of the Gazan population).

However, I wouldn't have bothered to mention this occurrence, had it been just another case of half-blindness - a common logical fallacy among such people as this Norwegian leftist, whose country hasn't seen a real conflict since the Napoleonic Wars, and therefore can conveniently believe that the 'poor Muslims', who currently occupy something like a quarter of the Earth's land mass, in 47 countries of their own, are somehow victims of Israel's defensive efforts.
The reason I'm bringing it up here, is that it carries an amusing twist. You see, the hate-speaker's paintings were removed from a French exhibition in Damascus, because of a nearby hotel that houses many Iranian guests (in case any of our readers is unaware of it - Syria is a close ally of Iran). According to the French embassy, "they were afraid that the Iranians would misunderstand the motifs as being Israel-friendly. Then the cultural center claimed that some students have complained about showing the Israeli flag at all."

And so, in a rare case of double-irony, the hate-speech was censored, but for the wrong reasons.

It now seems that the best way for Israel to combat the demonizing propaganda that's being thrown at it, is to convince people this filth is actually serving its cause.

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