Posts may be limited for a spell or just call me "Grace'

Here is the latest on my right hand problem and why posts will be limited for a few days. I saw my PC physician today and after x-rays he made me splint my right hand and wrist. X-rays showed several possible fractures but he was not 100% sure. Knowing me and not wanting to take any chances(I am not and never will be a compliant patient!), he insisted on the splint until he gets the report from the radiologist. If there are fractures then my hand will have to be in a cast. At the very least these are cracks. Explains why my hand and wrist have had swelling and hurt. Plus it is very hard to type. So, I will take it easy, sort of for a bit. I hate to but
I have everybody ganging up on me. The strange part of this is I do not remember doing anything to my hand to have caused this. Extremely irritating!!

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