Persecution of Christians in Pakistan: Hostile takeover of a church.

Christians in any islamic country are not safe and Pakistan is one of the worst for persecution and violence against Christians. I am keeping my commentary short as I have a very dinged right hand and wrist. Have no idea from what. I would rather get the posts up and keep my two cents to a minimal state. This from Jihad Watch.

Pakistan: Police break up Mass held in front of chapel seized by Muslims

Imagine the reaction if they had disrupted Muslim prayers on any legal pretext. An update on this story. "Rawalpindi: Police stop mass in front of Gordon College chapel," by Jibran Khan for AsiaNews, October 25:

Islamabad (AsiaNews) - The situation remains tense between Christians and local authorities in Rawalpindi (Punjab) over the illegal occupation of the Christian chapel of Gordon College, a Presbyterian Church University. Yesterday, the police stopped the celebration of a Mass organized by the Protestant community in front of the chapel. To prevent the gathering local authorities applied law 144 / c, which bans any gathering of more than two individuals. More than 20 police trucks arrived on site, dispersing the crowd.

On 19 October, a group of 20 armed men occupied the chapel and have barricaded themselves inside. These are Muslim faithful who have the backing of the local government with false documents claiming ownership of the building.

"Unfortunately there is one thing standing between me and that property: the rightful owners." - Hedy Headley Lamarr, Blazing Saddles

The act has drawn the protests of both Christians and Muslims. In recent days, the All Pakistan Christian Action Committee (Apcac), the local Christian community and non-governmental organizations took to the streets of Rawalpindi to demand justice and freedom of worship for Christians.

Which Muslim groups protested?

Nina Robinson Asghar, head of Apcac, said: "The culprits have made fake documents of the property, they want to demolish the Church and construct a commercial center,but we will never allow this to happen."

The Chapel of the Gordon College was reopened in April 2010 after eight years of closure. It currently belongs to a government trust fund, which should hand it to the Christian community, however, according to Pakistani law, the church could also be sold to third. The illegal occupation is an attempt to steal the building, a similar incident occurred in April, but the police intervened, arresting the culprits.

Original article is here.

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