More Hate Speech Coming to UC-Irvine-Ben White to Speak

Gary Fouse

"One person's hate speech is another person's education"

Well, now that the radical student organization, Students for Justice in Palestine has set up a chapter at UC-Irvine, it looks like they will be off to a roaring start along with their pals in the Muslim Student Union, er, Alkalima-Muslim Students at UCI (sorry). This coming Thursday, these two groups are bringing in none other than radical British Israel-hater, Ben White to pimp his book, "Israeli Apartheid-A Beginner's Guide".

Of course, nobody should expect a rational discourse from this flake. He is part of the international movement to destroy Israel. Many consider him a Jew-hater. Is he? He denies it, but has written in his response to the charge that "I can undertsand why some people are".

Here is an excerpt from Whites's appearance at Columbia University March 2, 2010.

(Video by Pakayhall)

No, White is not a Catholic priest; he just likes to dress as one. Did you note the kaffiya-clad "security" along the walls at the end?" Amazing how universities allow the organizers of these volatile events to provide their own security instead of the campus police, who prefer to maintain "a low profile".

This is an especially bad time for this appearance at UC-Irvine. The university is trying to convince the public that it has "cracked down" on the Muslim Student Union with a "suspension" for one quarter. Yet, they (MSU) simply create a new group and link arms with the SJP to bring in yet another radical character with a reputation for being an anti-Semite. Meanwhile, the OC Jewish Federation is going around telling the world that they have taken care of "the problem" at UCI.

What an embarrassment.

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