Here come the envirornazi's again!

Be more posts up later today. I spent most of yesterday with my very good friend who is dying. I am very worn out but have some posts almost done.

One problem with the above, we will be buying these more expensive items for 'the poor' with working people's tax dollars. So - those who provide for themselves will not be able to afford these items, and will be penalized for not having them, but will be indirectly paying for poor people to have them. It is called redistribution.....

That is what has happened here in Oregon with solar power subsidies offered
through our local utility. Only the wealthy can afford the up front $25,000 or MORE cost. Then the average joe like and you has to pay for this program through higher electric rates and fees for dam removal(ones that are producing clean, renewable hydroelectric power) and closing down those evil coal fired power plants(oops there goes 300 plus jobs NOT replaced by green energy jobs as promised by obama and our stupid green governor).

Hat tip:  ARRA News Service

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HermitLion said...

I really can't claim to be an expert on the subject, but those price jacks mentioned in the video sound enormous.
There has to be a more balanced middle ground between being 'green' (I assume this label means less waste of electricity), and the price one has to pay.
The other important question is exactly how much are these appliances more efficient? If you are expected to pay a 50% price increase for something that's 0.2% more efficient, then somebody please shout 'ripoff!'.
Since most people aren't buying non-green appliances because they're evil Earth murdering monsters, these regulations look way too punishing.

If something like this would happen in Israel, I'd immediately look for the shady companies that are going to profit from these laws, and their connections to corrupt parliament members, but I can't make that judgment on other places.

Also, since when are hydroelectric plants 'bad'? Because the dams change the routes of rivers? I thought they were the cleanest power sources.

Last note - we're forced to use those shower heads here, because there's an ongoing water crisis in the country (because the establishment didn't bother to lift a finger, despite having years to prepare), but why are they being pushed on countries that have plenty of water is beyond me (solidarity with desert regions, perhaps? ;) ).

Anonymous said...

This clown has no Constitutional authorization, just like the guy who appointed him.

His title gives him no authority at all.

There is no "Green " section of any of the Foundation Documents.
Sounds like another 10th Amendment violation.