Danish libtarded leftist does not get it. From Vladtepes

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HermitLion said...

I don't think this bright young man quite got the message that was being thrown at him, but it was quite amusing to watch, nonetheless.

Also, the term 'reverse racism' is a golden nugget. How can it be 'reverse racism', if the Muslims are the aggressors?!
This just shows you how people that have tied up their own neurons struggle to comprehend what is clear and simple to us: to them, non-whites cannot be racists, therefore any 'hate-crime' that they commit must have some deeper, justified meaning, which should be given another term.

Perhaps there's some sort of medical treatment for such a sad condition.

PatriotUSA said...

No, this is usually terminal but
perhaps when the muslims come for
him and the edge of the sword is
about to slit his throat, he might
get it.

Racism can always be explained
away and justified by such liberals
with diversity, multiculturalism
or political correctness.