Christopher Hitchens answers Ramadam

Another good video from Vladtepes. Runs about five minutes.

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Dixon Webb said...

Good Morning Patriot . . . This Hitchens video is the first I've seen of him in months. I thought his presentation was a little breathless and his head a little balder - but he seems to be getting on quite well. I'm glad and surprised. He's been through a lot but obviously he is the same old controversial Hitch. It's good to see that he's still penetrating and salty.


PatriotUSA said...

A pleasant surprise surprise, don't
you think? yes, I would look a bit
more road worn as he does
but he is still all there.
He still has much
to say that we need to listen to.

Leave to Vladtepes to get him back on.Make sure you share this Bumps.
He has been missed by a lot of folks.