Caving in to islam over accidently serving pork in school: Germany

This is just a case of the school caving in to the muslims over an inadvertent serving of pork to some muslim students. The teacher who committed this horrendous act(compared to what? The daily atrocities committed under islam on a daily basis?)apologized to the families and students but of course that was not good enough. The school sacked the teacher and now she has been at home for the last seven months. Dhimmitude in action is what is what went on here. A school administrator afraid of offending muslims and islam. So what! I find islam extremely offensive. Political correctness gone wild. Sown by the seeds of rampant muslim immigration, excessive diversity and multiculturalism. We are poisoning ourselves.

A few points to consider: Why don't these parents keep their children home or place them into a muslim private school? Why don't they prepare food for their children to take to school? This is also called 'stealth jihad.' Now the school has returned to serving pork again yet the teacher is still sitting at home. A teaching career spanning eighteen years going down the toilet. Will the Germans and Europe ever learn? Can we here in the States stop islam before we have to put up with this on a non-stop, daily basis? From Creeping Sharia.

Germany: Teacher suspended for inadvertently serving pork to Muslim students
By creeping sharia

Didn’t Merkel say Muslims in Germany cannot live by sharia law? Creep, creep, via Islam in Europe: Germany: Teacher suspended for serving pork to Muslim students.

Urusla E. (59), a math and drama teacher for 18 years, was fired for accidentally giving a Muslim student pork.

The incident happened in the Christophorus school in Betzdorf (Rheinland-Pfalz). The teacher says that that there were two unlabeled dishes of schnitzels, one containing four pieces and one with eleven, which she gave to the children. She did not know that some were made of chicken while others were made with pork.

Then one student, √únal (9), asked what kind of meat it was. She answered she didn’t know. The boy didn’t touch the meat, and a Turkish student gave her schnitzel to a German girl. The teacher thought the case was settled, but the next day the boy’s mother called her up, very angry. A few days later 15 Turkish parents showed up at the school and demanded the teacher be fired.

The school management quickly responded and put the teacher on leave. Ursula E. says she had to leave the school immediately, and the principal told her she didn’t teach there anymore. The school superintendent suggested she be moved to a different school.

The school, which has 302 students overall, and 45 Muslim students, scrapped pork for everybody. The school management wrote that in the future, in addition to vegetarian meals they will only offer poultry and beef meals.

Ursula E. apologized to the parents of √únal K., to no avail. She’s been sitting at home for seven months, suffering from anxiety. Now she sued the school, demanding her suspension be revoked.

Eveline Dziendziol, spokesperson for the relevant ministry in Trier says that the children was not suspended, but is rather home on sick-leave. The incident is no an issue and the school once again serves pork.

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