Why voters are disconnected and a way back home? Guest commentary

This was written by my very good friend, Steven Davis. I have posted a bit by Steven before and thought some of you might enjoy this. It is not very long and is pretty much spot on. Steven is by far, one of the most intelligent and honest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. This guy walks with integrity at all times.

Voter disconnection and a way back home
By Steven Davis.

Here is a little thought that may help to explain the apparent disconnect between the sentiments of millions of voters and the present powers that be:

It is known that Bill Clinton was elected on the back of voter dissatisfaction with Bush Senior. The American People woke up in early 1990 to the realization that the Reagan Revolution had been co-opted by the Down-East Establishment of New England Patricians. Nothing had really been allowed to change, at least in the substantial manner promised by Reagan and hoped for by America. Bill Clinton capitalized on this sentiment with a folksy twang and a manner that evoked Elvis.

What we didn’t know, or realize until later was the extent that Clinton had been “Kennedy’ed” by the media. Everything that was favorable was trumpeted and everything that showed the real and rather dark nature of Mr. and Ms. Clinton was squelched, black-faced or repudiated as hate-mongering. We were than treated to probably the most corrupt presidency in American history. It is a wonder that we survived as a nation. What we didn’t know and only aware of now is that the dogs of social engineering that had been kenneled during the Carter years had been unleashed.

Because George Junior was never really a part of the Down-East Establishment as his father still is, the dogs of social agenda were allowed to run free and ‘hound’ Junior all the days of his presidency. He was never allowed a break or a free breath. Bush Junior was probably the last freely elected president, at least the second term. He may have been allowed as a stopgap in the tug-of-war between the Mid-West Mob centered in Chicago and the Down-East Establishment centered around Boston.

The Chicago mob is back in power as it was in Clinton’s days. In fact, Obama is no different than Clinton or Carter. They all were stooges or front-men for the social engineers who believe they know what is best, as long as they don’t live their own medicine. The Chicago mob never went quietly nor will it ever truly cede control of the levers of power. It will grab the camera and the spotlight and anything else to denigrate those who don’t agree with it. Their Gospel is Plantation Economics and their agenda is radical socialism where anyone in business is an open target for extortion, legislated or otherwise. They truly believe in their mission.

The Obama Administration is their payback for having waited not so patiently all these years since Carter. But just as their agenda unraveled with carter, it is unraveling with Obama. Clinton at least had the good sense to back away from the edge and cover his tracks after the China connection was discovered. Clinton didn’t need to worry about the China connection as Wall Street was all for the emasculation of American Manufacturing and the demise of the Middle Class. Obama isn’t that smart and he believes in himself to such an extent he didn’t see the chance he had to co-opt business in October 2009 when he met with the Wall Street oligarchs. Now the social engineers have realized that they let their dog too far out on the leash and he can’t be reeled back in without exposing their influence and their game. Instead of moving the Overton Window towards more socialism and government control as they had intended, they are now jumping out of it as rats that are leaving the sinking ship that is the Obama Administration. I have no doubts that the birth Certificate will be ‘found’ and it will be the forgery everyone knows it to be. Thus is life behind the velvet ropes.

The prayer isn’t so much for Obama though he is certainly in need of it having been deluded throughout all his life. The prayer is for this country and its safety from all of those who have left behind in the government bureaucracy who are true believers and disciples of the social gospel of people existing to serve the government and the government being the font of rights, liberties and the permission to pursue what fulfills a person. Ultimately, we need God, in Jesus’ name, to take the broom, hyssop and fire hose to Washington D.C. and clean out all the corruption. So let us march forward on our knees in Jesus’ Holy Name to storm the battlements and strongholds that have been erected while we have been asleep.

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