Obama's Illegal Aunt: Declares "You Have The Obligation to Make Me a Citizen"

I am posting this right from Blog For Borders. Absolutely sickening and the sense of expected entitlement that this person has is just vile.

StandWithAZ Comments on CBS Special Report - Video: Zeituni Onyango's comments about America is breathtaking. She came illegally, lived in public housing for years, collected welfare, even got $51k in disability. And still she is angry at America. This case is beyond depressing. And it underlines what many people see today: that in the old days, immigrants came to America to lend a hand to our growing nation. But far too many today merely come for a handout. And their arrogance and sense of entitlement is a symptom of the broken borders and lawlessness we have permitted, which lets anybody in, asks nothing of them, and gives charity to the lazy while so many deserving citizens are forgotten. And where is the multi-millionaire Obama in all this? His Aunt, whom he spoke lovingly about in his book, STILL does not work, STILL receives disability, still claims to have "no money".

Hat tip: Blog For Borders

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