Environmental tyranny: Enviro-nazis strike again

The enviro-nazis are at it again. Not caring one whit for the people, communities and livelyhoods these eco-terrorists march on. They are the darlings of the far left progressives and will stop at nothing to try and lock up every square inch of this country that they can. Of course, the government has to join in tolock up the beach and land.  Eminent domain is generally used for such nefarious purposes as what you will watch and listen to here on the video below. This is from Wizbang and Brutally Honest. Please share and make this well exposed for what it is.

Environmental tyranny
By Rick

A week ago I vacationed in the area covered in the following piece... I saw the signs and didn't understand them all, didn't understand the driving forces behind them... I do now... and I'm enraged... you will be enraged... you need to watch the whole damned thing... you need to watch those impacted by environmental thuggery... then you need to pass this on... this needs to go viral... do your part:

Piping Mad: Fair People at the Mercy of a Government Gone Fowl from Kevin Hicks on Vimeo.

Hat tip: Andrea Shea King from Radio Patriot

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