Tha fall of Obama and perhaps the left in the USA

The losses and ever mounting problems of this presidency of Obama is now a house of cards built upon sinking sand. This is a very candid and open shot on Obama and all the troubles he has brought down upon the American people.

The Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama is doomed to Failure
By Jim Campbell

Examiner.com: Candidate Obama came to town with big promises: redistributing wealth, making the “rich pay their fair share,” no new taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year. The President promised a health care plan that would be affordable while not adding to the deficit.

Obama promised not to sign a health care bill unless it was revenue neutral. Now we find from the Congressional Budget Office that the bill is scheduled to cost $115 billion more than advertised. God only knows how much ‘Obama Care’ will actually cost. Sixty-four percent of voters now want this law repealed.

Should Cap and Trade legislation pass in the Senate, it will be sure to further dampen any chances for an economic recovery. Incredulously, during an off teleprompter moment, President Obama told America, “My energy plan will necessarily cause utility bills to skyrocket.” Now how exactly will that help a struggling economy?

President Obama has taken over banks, automobile companies, and the continually damned as greedy, “Wall Street Bankers, all the while hiring them to fix the mess they allegedly caused.

Obama never mentions that failed government oversight of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac were the principal cause of the housing meltdown.

Obama’s socialist education makes him the consummate ‘big government guy.’ He failed to understand, while learning the teachings of Alinski, Marx and Mao, that big governments fail because they depend on the financial support of working people to pay for their failed policies designed to help the less fortunate.

According to a recently released Congressional Budget Office Report, the president’s policy will raise the deficit to 90% of the GDP. Such a policy is fiscally unsustainable.

Obama’s policies encourage government dependence rather that personal responsibility. While progressives claim their policies are designed to help the little guy, their policies have the opposite effect. For these reasons Obama’s administration is doomed to failure.

Will he be able to count on this constituency to vote for Democrats in November? Doubtfully, because he signed legislation that has raised a federal gas tax, federal liquor taxes, federal soda taxes, a new federal cigarette tax of $1.05 per pack and of course federal utility taxes are on the way. In addition to food prices rising, the prospect of serious inflation will soon be upon us. The the little guys are beginning to feel this in their wallets, they cannot be relied upon as a 'sure thing vote.'

Doubtless, the President will accept the failure of his agenda; he has already shown his willingness to point the finger, blaming others.

Now he has nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. The hearings are scheduled to begin on June 28, 2010, they are sure to be contentious. Once again Obama has opted for a far left ideologue that could carry out his socialist agenda for many years while he is no longer of political relevance.

Barack Hussein Obama will be remembered as the guy with questionable intellect that surrounded himself with socialists, Marxists, communists, and Maoists. Less than 10% of them have ever worked in the private sector. Those that did were attorneys and the bankers he still denigrates.

Obama's entire crew could not come up with a workable program to stimulate wealth creation and job growth because they are still minions of Saul Alinski, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes.

With the heat on, his polices in chaos, in the midst of major scandal, what does our president decide to do? He leaves on vacation with an angry admonition, “Plug the damn hole,” referring to the gulf oil rig disaster. Once again he sat idly by, impotent with indecision, slow to do anything to help with the situation, while content to blame British Petroleum for the ecological disaster. It appears in President Barrack Obama, we have a President more focused on blame. As a narcissist, he has no shame.

Leave on vacation during major chaos? No CEO of a major corporation in America would make such a choice. A private sector CEO understands that sound leadership and their direction are needed during troubled times.

President Obama might be called the CEO with the largest payroll in the United States. Believing his government vision is ‘too big to fail,’ he goes golfing, adding another reason for his agendas ultimate doom to failure.

New scandals are just beginning. What is the true story about his three alleged social security cards? One used for Selective Service registration belonging to a long dead fellow born in Connecticut in 1890.

It appears he is cooking up a whopper on the Sestak situation where the Congressman, a retired Admiral, was alleged to have been offered a high level job to drop out of the Democratic Primary with Snarlin Arlen Specter by former President Bill Clinton.

Congressman Sestak went public with this offer on numerous televised occasions. The White House explanation took quite a while to conjure. Will members of a sinking ship be willing to perjure themselves to save him? I don’t think so.

Random thoughts while observing the passing charade, I’m J.C.

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Anonymous said...

I have no issue with most of your content on your blog but what makes you think the Right isn't as screwed up as the Left? They a both One, they are both finished.

PatriotUSA said...

What makes think I align myself with EITHER party in our country?
I am a Consitutionlist first and
foremost and if you want a 'label'
then slap with
conservative or close to a
neocon, if you wish.
I loathe both parties but will
never cast my vote for ANY politician that wants to
disamntle what has built this country, hates it, what it
stands for and is
willing to sell out for votes
to stay in office. I see little difference in between the two.

That said, I will stand with those
who will protect the 2nd amendment,
TRUE freedoms as established by
the Founding Fathers and based
on the Constituion. This poser
in the White House and his trolls
are the worst this country has
had in a long time, perhaps the
worst POTUS in our short history.

I am glad you have no 'issues'
with the content here because I
refuse to change much of anything.
Glad you dropped in and hope you will return. If not, your choice,
and I have no problem at all with
that. BTW, more than anything I
am a Counter Jihadist and will fight Islam till my last breath.