Sushil Solanki. One of 2,996 innocent victims from terrorism on 9/11/2001

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I did not know who Sushil Solanki was until I volunteered for Project 2996. Sushil Solanki had just gone to work, like any other work day. Sushil was from India. He had been employed by Cantor Fitzgerald for 12 years as a computer operator. He was on the 103rd floor of Tower One when this tragic terrorist attack took place. Mr. Solanki was a devoted family man.He is survived by his wife Lynette and their son, Brendon. Sushil was known to love a good game of cricket, movies, doing anything that involved his family and friends. He was known for his kindness, thoughtfulness and caring nature. I cannot imagine what
may have been going through mind when all this came down on him and 2,995 others.

As I did my research it quickly become clear that there was not
much information available about Mr. Solanki. I can only add my
memories about that most horrible day when this country was
attacked by Islamofacist terrorists.  My words that follow are
 for Sushil Solanki, his family,  friends and all who will never forget
September 11, 2001. Shame on us if we ever forget for even one
day the loss that so many people and this country suffered on that day.

I was recovering from spinal fusion surgery when a very good friend called me at 7:15 AM Pacific time to turn on the television, sit down and prepare myself to be stunned. I did and I was. My friend, Michael Almond came over and for three days we did not move far from the television. As we watched, over and over the film, commnetary and reports, my mind was filled with pain for those who had lost loved ones. The images are seared into my mind and soul forever. I will carry them with me to my final resting place. Some of the images that are so vivid and horrifying are those of the people trapped in the twin towers, jumping from windows and falling to their deaths. The feeling of being completely and totally helpless, overwhelmed me and my friend. I recall many hours of prayer and callling out to the Lord for those who were lost, and for those on flight 93 who so willingly gave their lives so that one less plane was able to complete it mission of terrorism and death. God showed me a picture that day that was
so clear and sharp;  a picture of two hands reaching
down from the heavens, so that every one of 2,996 souls
were safely caught in God's loving hands.

How can I ever feel what all those families have felt every day since 9/11/2001. I have lost family and friends before but all to the usual circumstances we experience in our lifetimes. I just do not believe I or anyone else can. What we can do is be sure that we never forget those who were taken away from their loved ones on a day when these 2,996 victims had just gone to work, to patrol, to answer rescue calls and respond in a way that we never thought we would see on American soil. The Jewish people have a saying that came out of the holocaust of world war two: NEVER AGAIN. Let this be true for this nation and its people.

I can envision Sushil Solanki and perhaps his last thoughts; for his wife and family, a life of dedication to being the best man he could be, of being with his family to whom he was so deeply devoted to, and loved more than anything else. A person who came here from India. He built a good life and a great family. He was an example of why people from all over the world, come to the Untited States. Those same reasons are still alive today.

Revelations 21:4-5 And God will wipe away every tear from thier eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.

5 Then He who sat on the throne said, "behold, I make all things new." And he said to me, "Write, for these words are true and faithful."

 From the New King James Version The Word in Life Study Bible.

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Cathy said...

Rick, Well done my friend. I imagine that Sushil would appreciate the kind words you shared in his honor. Never forget.

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you, Cathy. I will NEVER FORGET. Still reading tributes!

RFP said...

Thank you for remembering Mr. Solanki. Cantor Fitzgerald lost many fine people on 9/11. May we never forget them.

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Very much appreciated

jillian55x said...

Wow. I am always on the internet around this time of year to look for things I can read about my uncle. I don't know who you are or how you know about sushil solanki but he was my uncle. I lost him when I was just 9 years old. I wonder all the time what he was thinking and the pain has not subsided even after all these years. You're right, he loved cricket and for this reason, every year we hold a cricket match in his memory. His son has grown into this amazing young man who looks exactly like him. Thank you whoever you may be, for helping me feel more pride in my uncle. he was truly an amazing man who loved God and his family.

PatriotUSA said...

If you read this comment please contact me back ASAP here and I have a reason why!

With your family's permission I would like to do a follow up post on your uncle through the eyes of his family. It was very obvious to me that family came first and he was very loved man and gave his love easily to family and friends alike.

I would love to have something by 9/11 but as this date is so very close, i am not sure that is possible for your family if they like this idea. If not, I understand completely

My reason for wanting to do this is to honor him the man who was and still is YOUR uncle, and to chronicle how his family has moved on from 9/11/2001. We may have moved on but for millions of Americans as myself, we WILL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY NOR THOSE WHO WERE MURDERED as they went about their day, as AMERICANS.
For me the damage was permanent and my memories of 9/11 are burned into my very essence of who I now am and always will be.

I consider it the highest of honor for me to able to share what I could kind about your uncle. An update of sorts would be of huge interest to those who follow this site and many others that such an update would get sent out to. Even if it from just YOU, that matters deeply to me. I was touched to find your comment here today!

Hope to hear from you soon and either way is fine.

jillian55x said...

I'm not sure how the rest of my family would feel but I will let you know. This is really an amazing thing you are doing here. I know everyone who has lost someone on 9/11 would agree that they want their family and friends to be known for who they were when they were alive and not just another victim.

I'm so glad I was looking on the internet today. I was watching all of these shows on 9/11 today and this made me feel so much better. Thank you! I do really want to know how you found out about him and what compelled you to write this?

PatriotUSA said...


As I said, either way is fine by me and I would NOT want to intrude or make his loss more painful for you or any of your family.

How did I come about doing this about your uncle?

Sort of a long story but short version is this:
I have been a student of Islam and sharia law since the Iran/ U.S. Embassy hostage crisis in 1979. I am what is now known as a counterjihadist, one who is against Islam and Islamic sharia law. When 9/11 attacks happened I was deeply shocked and knew many people who had lost family, friends etc. from the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I made a promise to myself, my family, the Lord and my country to
use me to make a difference in some way, no matter how small or large, just make a difference.

Through a few friends on Facebook (which I rarely use or visit any more) I was asked to sign up for Project 2,996 which you can visit here: http://project2996.wordpress.com/

Through this project we were asked to sign up and volunteer to write an article, a tribute about one of the 2,996 innocent victims that were killed from the 9/11 attacks. We had NO IDEA who this person might be and so I was given your Uncle's name. This project wanted to ensure that NONE of the victims were forgotten or neglected. I recall it was in numerical sequence, your name got matched to the next 9/11 person on the list of 2,996.

I had a lot of trouble finding out much about him. After looking through obituaries, other tributes, articles posts etc. I was able to put together what you have read here. Some of what you have read was in emails I got back from Cantor Fitzgerald, of folks who knew him a bit or had worked/worked with him. Sadly, these were all sent to me anonymously. The pain was very evident in every response that I got. I had tears streaming down my face the entire time I worked on this and this from a guy who is NOT easily drawn to tears. My eyes are watering now and I do not share this lightly with you or with others who may read this.

After I was finished, the feeling of an incomplete tribute was there and has been with me since I
'finished up' the post about your Uncle, hence the earlier request. In some ways this will never be done and that is perhaps, as it should be.

Thank you so much for being so kind to post a comment here. In many ways the country that your Uncle seemed to care about so deeply, his commitment to family, the 'American Dream' as I learned about and grew up with is under very grave threats like I have never witnessed before in my not quite 60 years of life.

"I don't know who you are"

Simply put, I am a American Man who deeply loves his country, am deeply patriotic but not so blindly by patriotism to realize that the United States is far from perfect. That said, where would the world be without the great experiment that has become the United States Of America? Where would the world be without the uniqueness of American Exceptionalism? There is nothing like AE any place else in the world and I am blessed by the Lord each day I have.

Meeting people like you through your uncle is very special and dear to me. There are no riches that compare and the honor is mine.

jillian55x said...

I really want to thank you and Project 2,996. It's people like you that remind me how great America is. The project really allows our loved ones to be remembered in such a good light. I think 9/11 is not only a day to remember those we have lost but a day to remember we are all Americans and there's nothing better than the feeling of being united. I feel really lucky that I stumbled upon this. Thank you for everything and keep up the good work with all your endeavors.