Isn't multiculturalism wonderful ......

Welcome to Amerika!

Amerika, the almost former land of the free, still the home of the brave and the second amendment.

This little sign was added to the public men's restroom in a building that is on a college campus someplace in the United States. You are maybe thinking Dearbornistan, New Jerseystan, Northern Virginiastan? All excellent guesses but are wrong. This little sign is in POORegon and due to where I work, I cannot disclose the exact location. It was necessary to add this sign as the culturally enriched had to be directed on how and what part of the men's bathroom to use to urinate. Of course, if they are unable to or refuse to read ENGLISH, the official language of the United States, this sign will not do any good. This was after an 'incident or two' where urine was found all over the floor and they missed the drain, jerks and losers that they are. These culturally enriched transplants of unknown ethnicity are either too stupid or ignorant to use the urinals or the toilet. The ensuing contamination resulted in an environmental unit coming out to sterilize the bathroom, and entire drainage system and closing off part of the building to sanitize, sterilize what needed to be cleaned.

This is a travesty of disgusting proportions. Sadly the offending bastards were never caught and if they had been they would have gotten a slap on the wrist here in POORegon

Amerika, gotta love the new Amerika. Coming soon to a town, city or suburb near you.

This gets better, keep looking!

Almost there, keep looking!

Multiculturalism! Isn't it wonderful?

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