79 years ago - WAR!

The second world war, as we have come to know it, did not have to happen.

Neville Chamberlain (not Winston Churchill) issued an unsolicited war guarantee to Poland on 31st March 1939. In the subsequent debate in the House of Commons, Chamberlain was criticised by Lloyd George (and others such as Nye Bevin) for issuing this guarantee without first making sure of Soviet military support.

The fact of the matter was, the British PM had overreached in a major way, and made a military guarantee which he could not fulfil. There was no way on earth that the British Army could defeat the Wehrmacht. An unsavoury truth, but there it is. The British attempted to get the Soviets onside after the event, and sent a delegation to Leningrad to that end, but those talks came to naught. Josef Stalin had said that he had no intention of pulling Britain's chestnuts out of the fire, and he meant it.

The Germans had been repeatedly trying to get the Poles to team up with them to go after the Soviet Union. The Poles kept on refusing, and once the Brits had lied to them and said they would have their back, the Poles only became more thrawn. They refused to do a deal with the Germans, sign the Anti-Comintern Pact, return the so-called "Free City" of Danzig to the Germans, or let them build an Autobahn to East Prussia.

The Brits had previously told the Germans that they had no problem with any of this. Halifax visited Hitler in November 1938 and told Adolf that the Brits were okay with a German flag flying over the so-called "Free City" of Danzig. So the Krauts were not being unreasonable in putting pressure on the Poles to let the predominantly German city of Danzig be ruled by Germany. This was in accordance with the principle of self-determination, and the Brits had said they were okay with it. As for building a big old road to East Prussia - who cares about that? Why would anyone want to go to war just to stop someone building a road?

Not for nothing did Churchill himself call the second world war "the unnecessary war." Of course that was after it was all over - he supported Chamberlain when he issued his unsolicited war guarantee. So his hands are as bloody as the next man's.

When the Germans heard of Chamberlain's astonishing about-face, they were not happy at all. "I'll cook them a stew they'll choke on!" yelled Adolf. He gave Ribbentrop the green light to approach the Soviets - these negotiations went on at the same time as the British effort in Leningrad. The Germans hated the Communists' guts, and as we now know, they ended up invading the Soviet Union on 22nd June 1941. But in the short term, they could get one over on the Brits, and get the Reds to do a deal with them instead. If the Russians were not going to provide the military muscle needed to back up Chamberlain's unsolicited war guarantee, then the Wehrmacht could go right ahead and invade Poland (half of it, anyway) and the British wouldn't be able to do a damned thing about it.

The Nazi Soviet Pact was eventually signed in the early hours of 24th August 1939. In a secret protocol, the Communists had agreed to take half of Poland, and as we now know, the Red Army did in fact invade Poland on 17th September. The Brits couldn't do anything about the occupation of Poland. And they didn't. That didn't stop Chamberlain from formally issuing his unsolicited war guarantee on 25th August 1939 - the day after the Nazi Soviet Pact was signed. Chamberlain could have backed down, resigned in disgrace, made a public statement explaining the reality of the situation (Britain was powerless to help Poland and could never defeat Germany in a month of Sundays) or even done the noble thing and hanged himself. Instead, Chamberlain (not Churchill) brought about the second world war. This was supposed to be a "good war" - what was "good" about lying to Poland, or abandoning Poland when she was invaded - twice, or starting a war Britain could never win? The British people - and the people of Poland - should be lining up to urinate on Chamberlain's grave. British politicians! Worthless charlatans, the lot of them!

On 1st September, the Germans invaded Poland, and two days later, Chamberlain (not Churchill) declared war. On 17th September, the Soviet Union invaded Poland, and Chamberlain didn't do a damned thing. Of course, as the secret protocol of the Anglo-Polish agreement of 25th August shows, Britain had limited her offer of help to Poland. The British offer of help only stood (worthless as that offer was) if Germany invaded. If the Soviets came in from the east, the Poles were on their own. So it was never about fighting for Polish independence.

What was it about then? The third principle in the Atlantic Charter stated that people should be free to choose the form of government under which they were to live - this was apparently what we fought the war for. And yet when Poland refused to let the predominantly German city of Danzig decide for themselves what form of government they wanted - we backed them and went to war. So it was never about that either.

We went to war because that is what politicians do. They interfere in other people's affairs, don't know what they're doing, have no principles, and don't give a shit if hundreds of thousands of their own people die. Hell, they're riding the political gravy train and having a right good time, and that's what really matters. There should be no wars - seriously. If any politician makes such a terrific arse of things that he ends up having to declare war, then he ought to be put in a steel cage with the other state's champion, and forced to fight to the death.

Let them fight.

Let them die.

You want an end to war on earth - that's how to get there. Let the evil, incompetent bastards who create wars fight them - man to man, and to the death. The rest of us can chill out in our La-Z-boys, open up a cool one, eat a sandwich, and watch it all on PPV.

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