The State of The World

As the new President of the United States of America prepares to take over, it may be worthwhile taking a look at the news today, so we can all see the fruits of the previous guy's labours.
 Here then are a few news items from today, the 19th of January 2017:

We are more at risk now from terror attacks than in 2011, says terror law watchdog

Outrage as Islamic CALL TO PRAYER held inside historic British CATHEDRAL

Jogger brutally attacked by hooded thugs - and only escapes by speaking ARABIC

German president labels Islamic terror as threat and says democracy is 'UNDER ATTACK'

France should take MORE refugees in to help with migrant crisis, says Presidential hopeful

Muslim girl who claimed she was pushed in front of a train because of her headscarf faces prosecution in Austria after CCTV shows she invented the story

Just a small sample of the news on one day, after eight years of Obama being President. As we all know, just open up a news site on any given day and you'll find more, much more, of the same.

Btw, there's a lot of people upset at the possibility of an American President being influenced by foreign powers right now. Well, at least no one will have to witness any more of this sort of thing:

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