This Is Not Who We Are

An innocent man has just been murdered in the most horrific fashion in the streets of Glasgow, and the Scottish police say that a suspect has been arrested. According to the national press, the suspect is a Muslim.1

This latest murder should act as a reminder that Mohammed B murdered Theo van Gogh in the streets of Amsterdam back in November 2004,2 and that two men who self-identified as devout Muslims, Mujahid Abu Hamza and Ismael Ibn Abdullah,3 murdered Lee Rigby in a similarly brutal manner in London on 23d May 2013.

In response to the murder of Asad Shah, a public demonstration took place in Glasgow which was attended by Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish Nationalist Party. At this event, some people began to use the slogan: This is not who we are.4  It is likely that at least some of the attendees were unaware that the suspect arrested by the police appears to be a Muslim who drove from Bradford to Glasgow in order to kill an innocent shopkeeper who liked living in 'a Christian country'.

As it turns out, it is correct to say that committing acts of murder and terrorism in the name of Islam is 'not who we are'. Our forefathers fought against evil and barbarity during the war, so that their children and grandchildren never had to face it. And yet, in 2016, here we all are, facing it once again.

It's important to understand that it doesn't matter if not all Muslims are terrorists. That didn't stop Asad Shah from being murdered. Not all Germans were Nazis, but that didn't stop Hans and Sophie Scholl from being beheaded by true believers.

If we look at this logically, then we can all agree that, where the subject term is Muslims and the predicate term is terrorists, the A proposition (All S are P) is false. A universal affirmative proposition can be refuted by a single counterexample, and Asad Shah is one such example. However, we need to understand that this does not mean that the corresponding I proposition (Some S are P) is false. As a matter of fact, in the 13 plus years since Mohammed B murdered Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands, the truth of that I proposition (Some S are P) has been demonstrated many times.6

British politicans have shown themselves to be incapable of addressing this problem. On 16th December 2011, in front of an audience in Oxford, David Cameron said, 'In making this speech I claim no religious authority whatsoever.'7 On 8th October 2014, Cameron stated, 'I am not a scholar of any religion.'8 Therefore, when Cameron said, 'There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act' following the murder of Lee Rigby, there was no reason for anyone to believe that was true. As Cameron admitted, both before and after 23d May 2013, he has not studied Islam and is not an authority on the subject.9

In fact, one of the killers was caught red-handed on camera at the scene of his crime. This individual, who had just executed an unarmed British soldier on the streets of the nation's capital, actually cited surah at-taubah, the ninth surah of the Koran but one of the last to be written, as the source of his murderous motivations.10

It is no longer a secret that the political elite in the so-called United Kingdom embarked on a social engineering program years ago. The goal of that program was to change the social fabric in our country in order to artificially create a 'multicultural' society.11 The proper function of a state is to provide a secure and reasonably safe environment for its citizens, so that they can live their own lives according to their own lights. If agents of the state go beyond that, then they have no authority to do so and their actions are illegitimate. The people of Britain do not need an intellectual nanny state deciding to fundamentally transform the nature of our country for us, because agents of the state always know best. And if we disagree with what they are doing to our country, then we certainly don't need to be made to sit on the naughty step. We are not little children, and we don't need to be force-fed a bowl of multi-coloured smarties by an ersatz parent who insists that eating lots and lots of smarties will be good for us.

Especially when some of the green ones turn out to be poisonous.



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