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Australia's biggest Islamic School could close after losing $20 MILLION in government funding because they cant show how they spend their money

Australia's biggest Islamic School has been stripped of $20 million in government funding following allegations that its money was not being used just for education. Malek Fahd Islamic School in Greenacre, south-west of Sydney, which has more than 2,400 students, could be forced to close its gates after the Federal Government said it would withdraw the funding.

On Monday, the Department of Education issued a notice to the Islamic institution - revoking its Commonwealth funding - with the move placing hundreds of teaching jobs on the line. Education Minister Simon Birmingham said that the funding will be axed as of April 8 after the school had failed to address how the money was being spent, as required under the Education Act.


George Osborne's psychiatrist brother had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a vulnerable patient

The psychiatrist brother of Chancellor George Osborne has admitted having sex with a vulnerable patient under his care, a disciplinary panel heard today. Dr Adam Osborne, who is currently suspended by the General Medical Council (GMC), admitted that he had engaged in an 'inappropriate' emotional and sexual relationship with the woman, despite being her private psychiatrist . The woman, referred to as Patient A, had been under Dr Osborne's care between February 2011 and late 2014 and had a history of mental ill health. It is not the first time the younger brother of the Chancellor has been in the spotlight for medical failings. In 2010 he was suspended from practising medicine for six months after writing fraudulent prescriptions for a girlfriend, a family member and an escort girl whilst a psychiatry trainee at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester.


Europe builds another wall: Macedonia erects second barrier of razor wire to stem the human tide from Greece

Macedonia has begun building a new razor-wire fence parallel to an existing one on its border with Greece to make it harder for migrants to enter the Balkan country. Since November only refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq have been allowed to cross the border on their journey to western Europe, but migrants from other countries have still tried to get across. 'The idea is to send a message to migrants that there is a double fence so give up crossing illegally,' a senior army official said.


'Migrants are pushing NHS to breaking point': Top cancer doctor warns health tourists are bleeding hospitals dry with demands for treatment

The NHS has been left 'on its knees' by uncontrolled migration from the EU, a leading cancer expert will warn tomorrow. Professor Angus Dalgleish, the principal of the Cancer Vaccine Institute, says the NHS is being bled dry of resources by health tourists denied care at home. Cancer treatment can cost £200,000 and, under Brussels rules, Britain has to offer it to all EU nationals.


Australians to pay £200 for NHS care EU migrants get for free: Antipodeans left incensed by decision to make them pay if they stay for six months or more

Britain has been accused of delivering a ‘slap in the face’ to Australians and New Zealanders by imposing a £200 annual charge for access to the NHS. Antipodeans are incensed that they are being asked to make the new payment for NHS services while Eastern European migrants from inside the EU have limitless free access. They were previously exempt because of a reciprocal agreement with Britain.


Jailed for 143 years: Depraved gang of Asian men who raped and abused 13 year old girl

A depraved gang of Asian men who raped and abused a vulnerable 13-year-old white schoolgirl have been jailed for a total of 143 years. The teenager was a virgin when she was sexually exploited for the men’s own “selfish, sexual gratification” after she was groomed by a teenage ringleader she believed was her boyfriend. The girl was passed around and used by the group of “nasty” men by Ahmed Al-Choudhury who first raped the girl was she was just 12. She told a jury how he was aged 15 and became angry when she tried to refuse sex calling her “a little white b*****d” and “you little white slag” before attacking her.


Corbyn urged to act against 'systematic misogyny' of Muslim men in Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn has been urged to act following allegations that women are being 'undermined and sabotaged' by Muslim men in the Labour party. A women's organisation from Birmingham have accused Labour of 'turning a blind eye' to Muslim men who they say are preventing Muslim women from standing in local council elections. The Muslim Women's Network UK have called for a public inquiry into 'smear campaigns' against women such as Fozia Parveen, who claims she was blocked from becoming a councillor in Birmingham in 2008.

[...] Shaista Gohir, chair of MWNUK, claimed that 'systematic misogyny' infected the whole of the Labour party, including high-ranking officials who were aware of the situation and guilty through inaction. She said: "As this is an open secret and has been going on for decades, we can only assume that the Labour party has been complicit at the highest levels. "How do men who do not want Muslim women to be empowered or have a voice remain in power unless the Labour party allows it?"


PC gone mad: NASA accused of censoring Christians 'after BANNING the word Jesus'

NASA bosses have been accused of censoring Christian employees after allegedly banning the word 'Jesus'. US lawyers have claimed a group of Christians at the organisation were told to stop using His name in a newsletter. The JSC Praise & Worship Club, which gathers every week to pray and read the Bible, placed an advert in the email to promote a meeting. It said: "The theme for this session will be 'Jesus is our life!' Prayer partners will be available for anyone who has need."

Jeremy Dys, a lawyer for the Liberty Institute, said: "It is illegal for the government to censor the name of Jesus from emails authored by employees. "Preventing a religious club's announcement just because it contains the name 'Jesus' is blatant religious discrimination. "We call on NASA to end their censorship and apologise."


'My son cries himself to sleep' Mother tells of pool rape by migrant 'desperate for sex'

The mother of a 10-year-old boy brutally raped by an Iraqi migrant in a swimming pool cubicle says her son cries himself to sleep every night. The migrant brutally attacked the child in the cubicle of the Resienbad pool in Vienna, Austria, leaving him in need of hospital treatment. And now the mother of the boy, identified only by her first name Dunja, 43, said her blood boiled when she heard the man told police the attack was an "emergency" because he had not had sex in months. The mother arrived in Austria herself as an immigrant from Serbia during the Civil War that saw the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. She said she had always taught her five children to offer the same hospitality to new arrivals that she had herself received but added: “I now regret that.”


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