2016 - the year the SHTF?

We've all been waiting for a political leader to stand up for us and fight for our way of life since 12th September 2001. Apparently the best the 'free world' can do is Donald Trump. 14 years later. Well ok then.

The problem is that what should have been done 14 years ago is now going to be that much harder because the traitor class of politicians and so-called 'thinkers' in academia and their lackeys in the dinomedia have been fighting against our way of life all that time.

Now the Donald is on the brink of having some real power, and if he manages to pull it off and become the Pres, and starts to upset the apple cart in a major way, then there are going to be some excepionally unhappy people all around the world.

You think there have been troubles and grief during the last 14 years? To paraphrase Sir Winston, this isn't the beginning of the end ... but it might just be the end of the beginning.

2016 is going to be a very interesting year ...

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