The Neo-Totalitarian Control System

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In Europe today, the neo-totalitarians are doing everything in their power to undermine our traditional values and destroy our personal liberty. They claim to have the final solution to the question of how human beings are to live here on earth, and in the name of that final solution, they embarked upon a radical social engineering program, secretly and without the consent of the voting public, more than a decade ago.1

That radical project has changed the social fabric of our countries, and those changes appear to be irreversible. A census carried out in 2011, for example, showed that the number of immigrants in England and Wales had increased by three million in the previous ten years.2 It is significant that, out of all the recent immigrants to the UK, one group is now considered to be more important than any other. That same group has also been given precedence over the indigenous population, who were abandoned long ago by the power elite.3

In order to understand how the neo-totalitarian control system works, we need to consider the essential difference between hardware and software. This is important because no matter how much the neo-totalitarians try to frame the consequences of their social engineering project as a hardware issue, this is a software problem, and it has been from the start.

All flesh and blood human beings have beliefs, and that naturally includes religious beliefs. There is an obvious distinction to be drawn between human beings and the religious beliefs they hold, just as there is an obvious, easily understood difference between hardware and software. Looking at this issue from a philosophical standpoint, we can say that religious beliefs are about things that have existed, do exist and will exist in the future. Such beliefs have what is known as intentionality. This distinguishes religious software from muscles and bones, because hardware isn't 'about' anything else.

If the software running within someone’s consciousness is compatible with our own, then it is possible for them to live in our country and integrate successfully. However, there are limits to cross-societal integration. In the final analysis, every human being has the ‘negative’ freedom to do pretty much anything they want. We all exercise our ‘positive’ freedom when we think about the consequences of our actions, then choose to go through one of the doors before us rather than another. In our society, there are certain doors which no one ought to be allowed to pass through, and every morally sane person agrees that this is how it should be. However, in Islamic countries, an entirely different arrangement of opportunities are available, and each individual must perform a different cost/benefit analysis whenever they think about which course of action to take. If anyone doubts this, they need to spend a few evenings reading through the USCIRF reports on the different Islamic countries around the world. So it is that individuals with Islamic software running in their minds can commit acts which the indigenous people of Britain find immoral or illegal.

A week before the Soviets invaded Poland, Vyacheslav Molotov told the German ambassador that he intended to take a leaf out of the Nazis’ book and portray the invasion as an enterprise that was intended to help minorities who were being oppressed. In a radio broadcast on 17th September 1939, a black day if there ever was one, Molotov used that lie to justify the invasion.4 The Soviet occupation of Poland was never about helping oppressed minorities. As the British ambassador in Moscow at the time, Sir William Seeds, recognised, the Reds intended to ‘purge’ the newly occupied territory so that it would be indistinguishable from the rest of the Soviet Union.5 In occupied Poland, the Reds adopted a policy of societal decapitation, targeting prominent individuals with the potential to resist their occupation at some point in the future. The Soviets even went so far as to murder thousands of Polish army officers, in what is now known as the Katyn forest massacre.6

As the Soviets claimed to be acting to protect oppressed minorities, when in reality they were constructing an ideologically driven control system, so the neo-totalitarians have developed an Orwellian system of thought control in our countries. As that system was being developed, the neo-totalitarians claimed that they were merely acting out of necessity, in order to prevent the alleged oppression of minority groups. This is the same lie that Molotov used on 17th September 1939. The minority groups that are being used by the neo-totalitarians to substantiate their lies are comprised of individuals who only became part of a minority group in a European country after they chose to leave their homelands to go and live in another part of the world. Any rational person who exercises their ‘positive’ freedom and decides to emigrate to another country understands that they will be in the minority there. The problem we have today is that some individuals from one of those minority groups have software running within their consciousnesses that is incompatible with our own.

The people who want to emigrate to a European country are nothing more than ambulatory hardware. From our perspective, what is important is the software they have on board. And the question to be asked is not whether the software running in their consciousnesses is different from ours. If the code was written in another culture, then it’s bound to be different in some way. The question is whether that software is compatible with ours. That’s the core issue here.

As part of their radical social engineering project, the neo-totalitarians have downloaded a copy of 7th century Islamic software that they don’t own, don’t have a licence for and don’t understand, then installed that pirated software on an entirely different platform: 21st Century Europe. That was never going to work. But they keep telling us that it will work. And the neo-totalitarians are absolutely intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. If anyone recognises the inevitable software issues for what they are, then that individual is forcibly bound, laid out on the altar of the neo-totalitarians’ final solution and ritually sacrificed, pour encourager les autres.

As Isaiah Berlin pointed out, and as any rational person understands, there can never be a final solution to the question of how all human beings are to live here on earth. Not only is there no evidence to suggest that such a thing is practicable, the concept itself is internally incoherent. The neo-totalitarians can never cross a finishing line and say their work is done, because that finishing line cannot exist. In this regard, the neo-totalitarian control system is the same as the one constructed by the Nazis.

The National Socialist regime was not controlled from the top, in the sense that explicit commands were issued by the Fuehrer which had to be followed to the letter by whoever was tasked with carrying them out. Instead, Hitler described the world he wanted to create, then left it up to Nazis further down the chain of command to turn his vision into reality.7 The system also forced the Nazis to compete with one another for power and influence.8 A gang of ruthless beasts had taken charge of Germany, and they deliberately set the lesser animals at each other’s throats. Nazi policies that evolved in that environment were not an expression of genetic attributes that caused the owners to live, but of moral choices that caused other people to die. If a devout follower did something that met with the leader’s approval, then his rivals would have to be even more radical if they wanted to gain the leader’s attention. If that worked, any subsequent actions or proposals would have to be more radical still. The Nazi system evolved in one direction, and it had no way of slowing itself down.

If the neo-totalitarians can never reach a position where they can say that their utopia has become a reality, then they will just keep going. And just like the Nazis, their policies and practices will become more radical. The world that my generation grew up in is being taken apart and systematically destroyed. All we can do is try to figure out a way to stay alive amidst the wreckage.

In The Prince, Machiavelli advised his readers that fortune can turn against you at any time. The result can be like a river flooding its banks, washing everything in its path away. In the meantime, Machiavelli wrote, we would be well advised to build some dykes and dams, so that we have some protection when that day comes.9 This attitude to life still has much to recommend it. The residual existence of our moral and societal values are currently holding the neo-totalitarians in check, but as these erode over time, the neo-totalitarians will become even more open in their corruption. Inevitably, a day will arrive when a great evil is going to burst out into the world unchecked. If we have not done everything we can to get ourselves ready for that day, then all will be lost.


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