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Victims of Communism Memorial Monument in Prague

Freedom can be understood to be the range of opportunities that are available to you. To use Isaiah Berlin’s well-known metaphor, you can equate your liberty to the number of unlocked doors in front of you. The more doors there are, the more freedom you have. This is what is sometimes known as ‘negative’ freedom.1 There’s more to it than that though. As an individual, you must have it in you to get up and open one of those doors, and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to go through it and reach the other side. When this aspect of our freedom is being considered, it’s important to remember that we all have the capacity to choose to do something we know is wrong. This can be illustrated using an example that everyone can relate to.

In the course of our lives, we have all had cause to visit a doctor. Medical professionals are in a position of authority over anyone who enters their office. A doctor is who we go to with a problem that we cannot understand or solve on our own, and we rely on these individuals to use their medical knowledge and good judgement to help us. A doctor has considerable ‘negative freedom’ because there are many doors before them each time a patient sits across from them in their office and opens up to them. They could act in a professional manner and choose the course of action that is best for the patient, regardless of cost, which is what they have taken an oath to do and what they are paid to do. Or they could choose to write the patient a prescription, and see how that goes. Or they could cast a lingering eye over an attractive young patient sitting before them, and choose instead to open the door with the big red ‘NO!’ stamped on it. The door that, as a medical professional, they have sworn never to go through.2 If any doctor in the UK chooses that course of action, then they will almost certainly face serious consequences.3

As citizens of Western European nation states, we have all had the good fortune to have had a significant amount of ‘negative’ freedom in years gone by. Our life experiences tell us that there are some good doors before us, there are plenty of bad ones, and we have to act rationally and choose between them. In the final analysis, that is what it means to be free. And we are all ‘endowed with reason and conscience’, we all have the right to access information about different religions and political systems, and we can all form our own opinions based on that information.4 So everyone is capable of making their own decisions about how to live their own lives.

The neo-totalitarians don’t want you to do that though. They don’t even want you to know that you can. Throughout history, the foundation of totalitarian systems has been the claims that the state, and no one else, knows which doors everyone must go through in order to create a utopian society here on earth, and if an individual will not do what the state tells them voluntarily, then the state should, and must, use force against them.

To rub salt in the wounds inflicted upon citizens like you, totalitarian systems claim that you would believe in their final solution if you were not so benighted. Apparently, the reason you do not believe in the state’s final solution is because you identify with your ‘lower’ self, and not with an occult entity within you which is the most important part of who you really are. This occult aspect of your self recognises the authority of the state and agrees with what it is trying to achieve. When the state uses force to make you accept their final solution, you are supposed to believe that the state is acting in your best interests and that this occult self, which self-identifies with the state, approves of your suffering. Forcing individuals who have the capacity to think rationally, and to assign meaning to their own lives, into that schizophrenic, self-hating position is one of the classic traits of a totalitarian regime.5

The neo-totalitarians claim that all cultural and moral values are compatible, so a final solution to the question of how human beings are to live together here on earth can exist. Therefore, the enemy wants us all to believe, a final solution must exist. Therefore it does exist. The neo-totalitarians call this final solution ‘multiculturalism’.

As anyone who lives in the real world can clearly see, and Isaiah Berlin pointed out many years ago, the claim that all cultural and moral values are compatible is false. Therefore, the notion that a final solution can exist is an absurdity. A final solution cannot exist, and it does not exist.6 The neo-totalitarians are deliberately destroying everything we stand for and everything we have ever believed in, all in the name of something that can never be realised.

The claim made by the neo-totalitarians is that the control system that is being established will somehow bring about a ‘multicultural’ utopia here on earth, where all cultural and moral values are in alignment and the final solution to the question of how human beings are to live on this earth will at last have been answered. In truth, the rise of the neo-totalitarians, the wars and rumours of even more wars, and the tribulation experienced by non-believers around the world, is going to have an altogether different end.


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