Relativism And The Swastika

In one of the most notorious passages in The Prince, Machiavelli makes the empirical claim that political leaders who have been deceitful have been more successful than those who have been sincere, citing Pope Alexander VI as an example.1

Machiavelli reminds us that Achilles was taught by Chiron the centaur, so he knew how to be half man and half beast. Machiavelli concludes that it is necessary for princes to learn how to act both according to the laws of men and as a beast would, and advises them to make use of the nature of the fox and the lion. Relying only on the force of a lion is not enough. A prince must be fraudulent when it is necessary. In practical terms, this means that a prince must take pains to appear honest, merciful and religious, but should not hesitate to be deceitful whenever it suits him.2

The traitor class in Britain have learned Machiavelli's lesson well. We now know that British politicians secretly initiated a radical social engineering project in our country more than a decade ago, and that this project had social as well as economic objectives. This was denied for years, until a former speech writer for the state called Andrew Neather let the cat out of the bag in 2009 and acknowledged that the political elite wanted to turn Britain into a multicultural country.3

The so-called United Kingdom has been changed significantly because of that radical political policy. A census carried out in 2011 showed that the number of immigrants in England and Wales had increased by three million in the previous ten years.4 The political elite in Britain may have decided to implement their radical social engineering project in secret, but once it was under way, it was inevitable that its effects would become known to the general public. In order to forestall any objections to the idea of a multicultural utopia, the state's ideological enforcers, who are welded into the very structure of British society, have promoted the idea that there is no such thing as right and wrong because all morality is subjective and personal. Moral beliefs are said to be nothing more than thoughts about morality that occur within someone's consciousness. These thoughts are relative to everything else that individual thinks and feels.5 If that was correct, then we would all be living in what political philosophers call the state of nature, where life is a war of every man against every other, and no quarter can be given or expected. In that environment, it would be 'good' for someone to murder a relativist, rape their wife, kill their dog and sell their children into slavery. So the first problem advocates of this theory face is that if everyone took them at their word, that would have inevitable and fatal consequences - for them.

According to the unproven theory of relativism, the source of an individual's beliefs about morality are not objective moral values, but whatever beliefs have been passed on to that individual by other members of their culture. And if an individual's beliefs about morality can only be what other people from their culture say they are and nothing else, then that is what they would inevitably be. In any given society, there would be no non-conformists.6

In Nazi Germany, the National Socialists ruthlessly implemented a policy of Gleichschaltung, which meant bringing everyone under their control into line with Adolf Hitler's twisted beliefs. But even under those circumstances, there were non-conformists – people whose moral beliefs were entirely different from those demanded by the state.

Hans Scholl had served on the Eastern Front, and the reality he experienced there refuted what his native culture claimed was true. His younger sister Sophie was a practising Christian whose religious beliefs were entirely contrary to the values preached by the National Socialists. Sophie and Hans Scholl formed a peaceful protest group called the White Rose and released a series of pamphlets criticizing the National Socialist regime. Dissenting views were not tolerated by the National Socialists, and the non-conformist siblings were arrested and executed in February 1943.

The White Rose stands today for values that are superior to relativism, a theory with no moral foundation whatsoever, which cannot provide the means to either condemn the Nazis or to praise Sophie Scholl.

Anyone who has visited the Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London understands that the moral term 'evil' is meaningful, and that it can be correctly applied to what the National Socialists did at Auschwitz.7 But if a devout relativist wants to condemn the Nazis and, in accordance with the principles of his own belief system, insists that his condemnation is based on nothing more than what he was taught to believe in by other members of his culture, then the problem he faces is that an SS guard stationed at Auschwitz would have had an entirely different system of beliefs about morality, based on what he was taught to believe by other members of his culture. And if the SS guard praised what the relativist now condemns, then the relativist cannot say that one view is better than the other.

If a relativist cannot condemn the Nazis in a meaningful way but instead, places himself on an equal moral footing with the beasts who attended the Wannsee Conference in 1942 and the SS guards who operated the death camps, then there is something badly wrong with his thinking.

Not only does the theory of relativism fail to provide the means to condemn what every morally sane person regards as evil, it is internally incoherent. Relativism claims that different people believe in different things about morality, and they are all equally true. Incredibly, the reason that different moral claims are supposed to be true is that they are believed to be true. But the proposition: 'The belief that an assertion is true is the same thing as the assertion being true' is not sensible.

If someone was to assert that everything a relativist believes is false, the relativist would have to say that the other person's assertion is true, therefore the proposition: 'The belief that an assertion is true is the same thing as the assertion being true' is false. So relativism entails its own refutation.

What is more, if believing that an assertion is true is not the same thing as that assertion being true, then the relativist has no reason to even use the word 'true' in this context, because all he is saying is that different people believe different things. This leads us back to the state of nature where might is right, nothing is unjust, and life for the weak (and that includes the relativist) will be nasty, brutal and short.

The failings of the theory of relativism are clear for anyone to see. Nevertheless, this ridiculous doctrine has been used to camouflage the actions of the political elite, and to hide the truth about what they have done from the people they were elected to represent.

In our current situation, we would do well to remember the message of the White Rose:

Nothing is so unworthy of a civilized nation as allowing itself to be governed without opposition by an irresponsible clique that has yielded to base instinct. It is certain that today every honest Briton is ashamed of his government. Who among us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that will befall us and our children when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the crimes of the traitor class finally reach the light of day?

If the British people are already so corrupted and spiritually crushed that they do not raise a hand, trusting that the traitor class will eventually come to their senses; if they surrender every human being's highest principle, that which raises him above all other God's creatures, his free will; if they abandon the will to take decisive action and turn the wheel of history and thus subject it to their own rational decisions; if they are so devoid of all individuality, if they have already gone so far along the road towards turning into a spiritless and cowardly mass, then yes, they deserve their own downfall. Do not forget that every people deserves the regime it is willing to endure.8


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dymphna said...

Have you noticed the news reports about the increasing outbreaks of childhood diseases among adults here in the US?

Measles, whooping cough, etc.

That's Obama's gift to the American people.

dymphna said...

BTW, whatever happened to the draconian law of a few years ago where anyone leaving or coming into Britain would have to present visas?

This was supposed to even cover the train and ferries...

Nick said...

Did they promise that one? They make so many empty promises about immigration but the truth is that it got way out of their control & there's nothing they can do about it. They can't even stop Europe from telling British citizens what kind of hoovers they're allowed to use to clean their own house. What chance have they got of regaining control over our own borders? And even if they did - it's too late now. Talk about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!

Nick said...

"Have you noticed the news reports about the increasing outbreaks of childhood diseases among adults here in the US? Measles, whooping cough, etc. That's Obama's gift to the American people."

The O is so generous, and so loving. You're lucky to have a messiah like him, thats' for sure.