Betrayed By The Elite

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We all remember the events of September 11th, 2001, when the West came face to face with the new reality of Islamic terrorism. As we enter the year 2015, the 'clash of civilisations' is still ongoing. Every day, some horrific crime is committed by co-religionists of the men who hijacked those planes on 9/11. In the Islamic State, people are ritually beheaded on a regular basis and untold numbers of innocent people of all ages are being raped, crucified, mutilated, and sold into slavery. These crimes against humanity are so evil they can only be compared to the actions carried out by the Nazis' Einsatzgruppen in Eastern Europe during WWII.

David Cameron, the current Prime Minister of Great Britain, has said that the Muslims who are raping and beheading people in the new Islamic State are not Muslims at all because, according to Cameron, there is a 'version of Islam' that is a 'political ideology', and any Muslim who believes in that 'version of Islam' is not a Muslim. Laying this out formally, we have:

Premise 1. No Muslims believe in a version of Islam that is a political ideology. (An E proposition.)

Premise 2. All the Muslims of the Islamic State believe in a version of Islam that is a political ideology. (An A proposition.)

Conclusion. No Muslims of the Islamic State are Muslims. (An E proposition.)

(McAvelly, Nick (2014-12-23). The Cameron Analysis (Kindle Locations 126-129). Kindle Edition.

EAE-2 (Cesare)

This is a valid argument (having the form Cesare) but all that means is the conclusion is true if the premises are true, and that is not the case here. The Pew Research Center carried out a 'Global Attitudes' survey in 2010 which investigated the attitude of Muslims around the world towards religion and politics. The report's subtitle was 'Most Embrace a Role for Islam in Politics'. In Egypt and Indonesia, 95% of Muslims who said that Islam played a large role in their countries' politics believed that this was a good thing. In Pakistan and Nigeria, 88% of Muslims held the same view. This survey undermines Cameron's attempt to draw a distinction between Islam as a personal religion and a 'version of Islam' that is political in nature. It also refutes the major premise of Cameron's argument. (Think of this in visual terms: If the premise 'No P are M' is false, and the purple and white sections of the above diagram are no longer lined to show that they are empty, then the conclusion 'No S are P' is obviously not represented by that diagram.)

This means that David Cameron cannot support his assertion that the Muslims of the Islamic State are not Muslims. Cameron has also said that one of the hallmarks of the Islamic State is that Muslims are being killed there every day by 'fellow Muslims'. So according to Cameron, the Muslims of the Islamic State who are perpetrating these horrific atrocities are Muslims after all. Cameron's own words, which are a reflection of his best thinking on the subject, directly contradict the conclusion of his own argument. Clearly, his position is untenable.

We have just seen the latest outbreak of Islamic violence in France, and it's high time we started to apply Occam's razor when confronted with gun-wielding Muslims yelling out the takbir and murdereing Western citizens because they don't want anyone drawing attention to unsavoury aspects of their so-called prophet's character. It may very well be true to say that not all Muslims are terrorists, but that's neither here nor there. In logical terms, if that A proposition is false, then all that can be said is that the contradictory O proposition must be true: Some Muslims are not terrorists. And the correct response to that is: So what? It's blindingly obvious that some Muslims are terrorists, and that the problem we need our political leaders to address.

Everything has a dark side, every human enterprise, every human ideology and every human being. Islam is no different from everyone and everything else that has ever existed. This may be a difficult concept for some people to grasp, but nevertheless, it's the truth.

We should always remember all of the men and women who died on 9/11, including the FDNY firefighters, and men like Rick Rescorla who worked in the World Trade Center. The list of people who are murdered at the hands of Islamic terrorists grows longer with every week that passes. We have to maintain our outrage at the never-ending series of murders that are perpetrated by devout Muslims. And we have to reject the lies and fallacies that drip from the lying mouth of David Cameron every time these murders occur.

David Cameron is a coward and a traitor who has lied repeatedly to the British public about the motives of Islamic terrorists, and about the dangers posed by the ongoing Islamisation of British life. Every time Cameron lies about the dark side of Islam, he betrays the memory of those who have died at the hands of Islamic killers. Instead of doing what is rational and good, David Cameron has chosen to serve a force for evil in the world today.

May we never forget.

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