The Cameron Creature

“In making this speech I claim no religious authority whatsoever.” - David Cameron. [1]

“I'm not a scholar of any religion.” - David Cameron. [2]

Lee Rigby was a 25 year old drummer who served with the Second Fusiliers in the British Army in Cyprus, Germany and Afghanistan, where he was part of the Fire Support Group at Patrol Base Woqab. He was a young father and a lifelong supporter of Manchester United. On 22nd May 2013, he was murdered while walking along the street in London, the capital of Great Britain. [3]

Michael Adebolajo, one of the murderers, was caught red-handed by a passerby who filmed him on their mobile phone at the scene of the crime. Holding a dagger and a meat cleaver, Adebolajo stated clearly that he was following commands found in the Koran. He specifically cited surah at-taubah, the ninth surah of Islam's foundational text. [4]

Following the brutal murder of a British soldier by two devout Muslims carrying meat cleavers and daggers, Cameron stood in front of the TV cameras, adopted a very stern face indeed, and asserted that there were no Islamic doctrines that justified such savagery. Then he flew off to Ibiza for a few days in the sun with the wife. [5]

In recent months we have witnessed the rise of Al Qaeda in Iraq, which has been re-branded as the Islamic State. [6] The atrocities committed by the Islamic State are almost beyond comprehension. In the face of savagery that can only be compared to the Nazi actions carried out in Eastern Europe during WWII, David Cameron has said that although he knows nothing about Islamic doctrines and practices, he believes that Islam is a religion of peace, because he once met a woman from Birmingham who happened to be a Muslim, and he liked the cut of her jib. [7]

What Cameron has done here is make an I proposition; where the subject term is Muslims and the predicate term is peaceful people, Cameron's assertion is that Some S are P. That is the only proposition that his evidence supports. It can be shown using a Venn diagram (where x ≥ 1):

Cameron's I Proposition

In logical terms, Cameron's I proposition is quite different from the corresponding A proposition (All S are P), as we can see by looking at another Venn diagram (where the hash marks indicate that a category is empty):

The corresponding A proposition

Clearly the two propositions are different. It is important to understand that Cameron's evidence only supports the I proposition. And if an I proposition is true, it does not follow that the corresponding A proposition is true.

It is possible to see a marmalade cat walking along the street, and to say truthfully that at least one cat is a marmalade cat (Some S are P) but obviously, that is not the same thing as saying that all cats are marmalade cats, nor does it follow that all cats are marmalade cats (All S are P).

That is the logical error that Cameron wants you to make. However, the truth is that although some Muslims are peaceful, there are some who are violent, and there are some who may not be violent but who share the beliefs and goals of the Islamic State. [8] The new reality in Britain is that Muslims are being arrested every other day for planning to commit acts of terrorism. The political elite no longer mention the terrorist attacks of 7/7, but that did happen in our country. The wife of one of the terrorists who perpetrated that attack was wanted around the world after she entered her husband's line of work (until the Russians allegedly shot her dead.) And we all know that gangs of sexual predators have been raping thousands of young girls throughout England for years. Where the subject term is Muslims and the predicate term is peaceful people, it is obvious to anyone living in the real world that the O proposition (Some S are not P) is true.

The O proposition (where the subject term is not distributed)

Cameron tries to deny this by saying that the Muslims of the Islamic State are not real Muslims. [9] As any philosophy graduate will tell you, this is an blatant example of the 'No True Scotsman' fallacy, and as such, Cameron's statement can be ignored.

The reality is that where the subject term is Muslims and the predicate term is peaceful people, the I proposition (Some S are P) and the O proposition (Some S are not P) are subcontraries, therefore they can both be true. And reality shows that both propositions are true.

We need politicians who are able to accept that fact, and who are willing to do something about it. Before the Scottish referendum, the political elite sang the praises of the United Kingdom, and talked about how much traditional British values meant to them. The fact of the matter is, some thirteen years after the political elite secretly initiated a social engineering program in order to alter the social fabric of our country, the British public has sacrificed enough in the name of the radical multi-cultists' extreme Weltanschauung. It is high time we had politicians who did more than speak fine words about British values in order to keep their positions of power. We need new politicians who are willing to turn their backs on the European power machinery, who have the intellectual courage to take on and defeat the radical multi-cultists embedded within our society, and who understand that they have a duty to do what they are employed by us to do. We need politicians who will put our interests first.

Winston Churchill was a huge political figure, one of the finest writers Britain has ever produced, and if half the stories about him are true, he was able to hold his drink remarkably well. He stood against Nazi Germany when no one else did, and after he became Prime Minister, he inspired his countrymen and women to stand alongside him. Winston Churchill was a prince among men, and what's more, he was a Machiavellian prince who lived in the real world, and knew how to get his hands dirty. [10] In one of his books, The Gathering Storm, Churchill pointed the finger of blame at the British politicians whose 'delight in smooth-sounding platitudes' and 'refusal to face unpleasant facts' gave evil men the opportunity to unleash upon the world 'horrors and miseries which, even as far as they have unfolded, are already beyond comparison in human experience.' [11]

David Cameron is cut from the same cloth as the politicians who were condemned by Churchill for their failure to act in the best interests of the British state in the run-up to the war. There have always been evil men and women on this earth, and the times we live in now are no different in that regard. Cameron simply does not have it in him to deal with that reality.

What the members of the Westminster elite need to remember is that we have the power to terminate their political careers. There is a general election scheduled for May 2015, and if anyone needs to experience what it is like to be out of work, it is the man currently pretending to be a Prime Minister. Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to bring all of the men and women who have been trying to ruin our country to justice. Every single person who played a part in allowing those young girls in Rotherham to be raped by gangs of sexual predators in the name of multiculturalism, for example, should see the inside of a jail cell. What we can do is make sure that David Cameron is handed his P45 next year. On the second anniversary of Lee Rigby's murder, Cameron can head off for another holiday in Ibiza, only this time there will be no reason for him to come back.


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