Spiritual Warfare at Street Level

1. The Red and The Black

When World War II began, the Soviets were in league with the Nazis. The Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov and his Nazi counterpart, Joachim von Ribbentrop, signed a pact dividing Eastern Europe into two spheres of influence and on 17th September 1939, in accordance with that agreement, the Red Army invaded Poland. Josef Stalin boasted that the Soviet Union and the Third Reich had an alliance that was 'cemented in blood'.1

Anyone who resisted the Soviet occupation in the East was jailed, deported or executed. Between September 1939 and June 1941, when the Nazis launched Operation Barbarossa, the NKVD arrested over 100 thousand Polish nationals. Many ended up in a Siberian gulag. Over 8 thousand people were sentenced to death.2

The head of the NKVD at this time was Lavrenty Beria, a notorious sexual predator and sadist.3 After the Soviet invasion, thousands of Polish officers were captured and held in camps at Ostashkov, Kozelsk and Starobilsk.4 Beria proposed that these POWs should have applied to them 'the supreme punishment - shooting'. Stalin agreed, and on 5th March 1940, he signed an order to that effect.5

The prisoners were transported to different murder sites around the Katyn forest, where they were shot in cold blood by agents of the NKVD.6 Many of the Poles were reservists who in civilian life were lawyers, university lecturers and medical professionals.7

When the Katyn forest massacre was exposed in 1943, Molotov turned reality on its head and attacked the Polish government in exile for protesting about the war crime that had been committed on Polish soil.8

Molotov also took the opportunity to attack the Polish government in exile for wanting to hang on to their own nation and live according to their own traditional values. The Soviets made it clear to the British and the Americans that they were going to keep control of the Polish territory they had claimed under the terms of the Nazi-Soviet pact.9

In the opening volume of his history of the war, Winston Churchill described the Soviets as amoral, brutal and callous. He is also on record as saying that the Soviets could prove to be even more dangerous than the Nazis.10 Nevertheless, after Churchill became Prime Minister of Great Britain on 10th May 1940, he realised that Britain could not prevail in the global conflict that was ramping up without some powerful allies, so he tried to bring both America and the Soviet Union into the war on the side of Great Britain.11

Stalin resisted Churchill's advances until the Nazis launched Operation Barbarossa in June of 1941. In the early hours of June 22nd, German bombers attacked 66 Soviet airfields and by mid-day, more than a thousand Soviet aircraft had been destroyed, either on the ground or in the air. At the same time, the German army advanced into Soviet-held territory along a 930 mile front. Churchill responded by making a public announcement on British radio, in which he declared that the Soviets were now on the side of the British in their fight against Hitler's Germany. At a meeting of the War Cabinet the following day, Churchill stated that he wanted Britain to provide as much aid as possible to the Soviets.

As the Germans continued to advance, Stalin appeared unable to cope with what was happening. On the 28th June he left for his dacha at Kuntsevo, and stayed there until Beria and Molotov went out and dragged him back. Churchill had the British Ambassador to Russia, Stafford Cripps, deliver a letter to Stalin on 8th July in which he indicated that he was willing to provide aid to the Soviet Union. Stalin made it clear that he wanted a formal commitment on the part of the UK to supply military aid to Russia and to fight together against Nazi Germany. Churchill agreed to this, and on the 12th of July 1941, Great Britain and the USSR signed an agreement to that effect. Churchill finally had an ally who would do the heavy lifting in the ground war against Germany, and it was not America, it was the Soviet Union.12

In September 1941, a British-American delegation visited Moscow, and Lord Beaverbrook promised that Britain would provide the Soviet Union with military aid. In an effort to honour that agreement, the British government sent regular convoys carrying military equipment and raw materials to the northern Soviet ports of Archangel and Murmansk.13 The ships would lie at anchor on the West Coast of Scotland or in the Icelandic fjords before sailing in a convoy through Norwegian waters, where they would be attacked by German subs and aircraft. The seas were bitterly cold and if a ship went down, survivors had only minutes to live. The Arctic convoys were so dangerous that the British Chiefs of Staff recommended that convoy PQ16 to Murmansk should be postponed,14 but Churchill insisted that the convoy should go ahead. Acknowledging the danger faced by the Allied sailors, Churchill told General Ismay that if half the ships made it through to Murmansk, he would consider PQ16 a success.15

The Allied ships left Hvalfjord in Iceland on 21st of May16 and on the 24th, Churchill received a 'Most Secret' Naval communique informing him that the convoy had been located by German submarine U 586, and the Germans were now heading to an intercept point West-South-West of Bear Island.17 The Allied sailors fought back as best they could,18 but the Nazis sank 7 of the ships that had sailed from Iceland. Using Churchill's criteria, this meant the mission had been successful. He had demonstrated to Stalin that he was willing to sacrifice British lives in order to help the Soviet Union.19

The British historian Sir Max Hastings has said that the British alliance with the Soviets was a necessary evil which led inevitably to lesser evils.20 But there are no lesser evils. As Jax Teller once said in the Sons of Anarchy, after you cross the line, there is only the other side of the line.21

Churchill had shown that he was capable of crossing that line when he ordered the French fleet sunk rather than let it fall into the hands of the Nazis.22 Now he sent British sailors to their deaths in order to satisfy Josef Stalin.

Winston Churchill was a huge political figure, and a literary genius to boot. He stood against Hitler when no one else did, and inspired his countrymen and women to stand against Nazi Germany when no on else could have done so. If half the stories about him are true, he was also able to hold his drink remarkably well. But if Churchill was a prince among men, then he was a Machiavellian prince, who knew how to get his hands dirty.23

The lessons the West has taken from World War II may be 'politically correct', but they are contrary to all facts and logic. Nationalism and militarisation are now supposed to be the root cause of international conflict, and multiculturalism is supposed to prevent it.

If the Poles had adopted multiculturalism as their guiding philosophy during the 1930s, that would not have prevented the National Socialists from invading their country. But if they had confronted the Nazis' Panzer Divisions with Markeva tanks and the Luftwaffe had been met by the pilots of 303 Squadron flying IAF F-16s, then Polish nationalisation and militarisation would have settled the Nazis' hash and stopped World War II before it started.

As the Israeli journalist Caroline Glick has said, the true cause of the war was that Germany had embraced evil, and the most important lesson to take from World War II is that nation states should not only be militarily strong, since that can act as an effective deterrent against aggressors, they must be morally strong as well.24

In Britain today, we can see the opposite happening. It would be easy to dismiss most politicians as incompetent liars who have never done an honest day's work in their lives, but that would be a mistake. They may have absolutely no idea how to do anything useful or productive, but that's not how we should judge politicians, because that's not what they are trying to do.

The bombing of the US embassies in Dar es Salaam (the abode of peace) and Nairobi, the attack on the USS Cole and the suicide attacks in America on September 11th 2001, have been followed by similar terrorist attacks around the world.25 Now, wars and rumours of wars fill the daily news, Iraq and Syria are coming apart at the seams, and we are facing the prospect of hundreds of trained killers engaging in jihad once they return 'home' to the UK.26

The political elite in Britain and America have sacrificed thousands of soldiers' lives and spent an incalculable amount of our money in the Middle East, and this is what they have achieved.27

As Amir Tsarfati has said, the conflict in the Middle East is a spiritual war,28 and you can't defend yourself unless you know who the adversary is. The commencement of hostilities was not announced by the howl of Stukas or the crashing of bombs. This is a slow-burn conflict against an enemy that is operating on a long-term, Satanic timescale.29

That conflict has spread throughout the world, and we can all see which side the political elite are on. They have spent years doing everything in their power to undermine our traditional Judeo-Christian values and destroy our personal liberty. Our societies are being degraded from within, to the point where individual citizens can be labelled as political prisoners and sacrificed in the name of the state.30 When that level of hatred and deceit is once again accepted, and lawlessness and blasphemy have become the rule, many people claiming to be Christians will give themselves over to the state and betray their brothers and sisters. The remnant will be hated throughout the world, and many will be put to death.31

If anyone doesn't believe that this could happen in Great Britain or the United States, then they need to look back through history to realise that it can happen, and they need to look at how Christians are treated in the rest of the world today to see that it is happening. We have to accept that what is coming our way is going to be fully worse.

And it's almost here.

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