Islam is Peace

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PatriotUSA said...

Two shining moments. One shows what a dhimmi stooge is and the other shows just how peaceful Islam is not and will never be.

Nick said...

I know, isn't it pretty clear that old George is saying what he's been told to say there? He certainly doesn't look as if he's well educated on the subject & is speaking from a deep knowledge of the subject. And from that little seed, look what has grown.

Nemesis said...

It has to be made plain at some point to all those who have chosen to become detached from real life existence to join an elite political class, that being advised on what to say about subjects that can have enormous consequences for the nation is no longer acceptable. Decisions that are to be made and knowingly made that will affect the well being of the nation state must be determined by those who have caused themselves to be completely aware of the subject they will be making decisions about.

And if those decisions made have been proven over time to have had an adverse affect on the nation state and its citizenry, then the person who has determined that policy or decision be made into law must then be held personally responsible for any fallout of those decisions or policies.

We should never expect anything less from our elitist politicians and their puppet masters.