went for a drive ...

I went for a drive earlier today. I had an audio version of Barry Strauss's book on the Spartacus wars, and gave myself a couple of hours to enjoy it as I tooled about the countryside. A very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I even stopped to take a photo of the scenery for everyone to take a look at.

What was interesting though was as I came back into the town I was coming up to a left hand corner and indicated way early because I see these three A-holes, or as they are called sometimes, "unemployed youths" swaggering up towards the corner. I knew their game straight away.

And sure enough they went swaggering out on to the road just as I was making the turn, expecting me to slam on the anchors and let them have the right of way, but they became unexpectedly excited when I did not act in accordance with their expectations.

If these wasters want to behave like arrogant little sh1ts that's their affair, but if they seriously expect everyone else in this world to kowtow to them they are in error. I drove round as per normal and got incredulous stares from two of them as I missed them by inches; I envisioned clipping the back of the second guy's ankle and hearing his Achilles tendon snap as my front tyre cut it in two, as he tried to stride out of my way, speeding up while trying to look like he wasn't, all the while casting an incredulous "How dare anyone behave like that towards me!" look over his shoulder. Sorry guys but you are not special. If you want to go swanning about on the middle of the road, you can expect to get run down. And you're not as hard as you think, either. If you meet a car moving at speed you will come off second best.

Lessons to live by ...

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Andrea said...

They would have scattered towards a dark alley like roaches all the while cursing the maniac. They would tell their friends a different story that helps them save face and makes them out to be invincible men of iron. But they will never pass that corner again without memory kicking in and will relive the moment they almost got taken out. Good one Nick!