Obama and Kerry's failures

Well we can all see now just how scary the Russians found Obama and Kerry's threat of sanctions. They were a complete waste of time, because the Russians have done exactly what they wanted to do anyhow. This is important because it shows just how impotent Kerry and Obama are in the fact of the nuclear threat of Iran. Sanctions have about as much chance of working there - none.

The problem with a lot of these radical leftists is that they can't see a threat coming from people who hold a strong belief system, whether that person is an ex-KGB officer with dreams of Russian destiny or a mullah who thinks he needs to create worldwide chaos to usher in the mahdi.

The radical leftists keep on insisting that if only people were prosperous they would become all nice and cuddly, and would not try to kill Westerners or over-run countries, etc etc. Everything boils down to a materialistic worldview with the left.

They just don't understand that the religious beliefs of the Twelvers in Iran are far more important to them at the end of the day than being able to buy a pair of Levis or the latest iPhone down at their local shops.

This leftist blind spot is going to let people like Putin and the Iranians walk all over America - when they look at Obama they know that he doesn't believe in anything strongly enough to want to defend it. So they keep on doing whatever they want, because  they know there is no way O will ever have the backbone to really try to stop them. As for that ridiculous buffoon John Kerry, he's nothing but a figure of fun to the whole world. I couldn't stop laughing at Mr. Heinz Beanz when he started crying live on TV about the Russians being so 19th Century ...

The consequences of Obama and Kerry's impotence could be immense. We've already seen Russia on the march, and we can expect the Iranians to keep doing whatever they want to do, because there is no real reason for them not to. Which means that Israel are going to have to take the necessary steps to end the Iranian nuclear threat.

And if they do that, you can be sure that the Iranian proxies in Lebanon and Gaza will launch a rocket war against Israeli civilians. Which will in turn ensure their doom, because the Israelis will end them too while they're at it.

All of which makes me think that O and Kerry are unwittingly laying the groundwork for a turn of events that will make a certain writer called Bill Salus a lot of money  ...

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Findalis said...

We are seeing the outcome of elected an community organizer instead of a leader.

It is amateur hour in Washington.

Nick said...