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Many of us will be familiar with the Creasey novels, written by A.J. Quinnell - the nom de plume of an American said to be ex-CIA who lived on the Mediterranean island of Gozo. The first Creasey novel, "Man on Fire" has been made into a movie twice, once starring Scott Glenn and once starring Denzel Washington. Quinnell wrote several novels, and they have recently been converted to Kindle format and made available on Amazon.  All except one.

One of Quinnell's more interesting novels was "The Mahdi" which tells the story of an American/British operation to set up a false Islamic prophet - a puppet if you will - in order to take control of the Islamic religion and the ME. Strangely, this novel has not been made available along with Quinnell's other books. There is no good reason for this, because if you're converting an author's work you're not going to leave out one of his best ones. Apparently the publishers didn't want to make money so much as they feared having their office firebombed or having a fatwa declared against them by misunderstanders of the RoP.

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PatriotUSA said...

Thanks to you, I read this book,The Mahdi and it was excellent.

Interesting fact that this one was left out and of course we know that it NOT because the book might offend the brainwashed minions that consider Islam a real religion.

We know this would never be the case just like we know Obama always tells the truth and Islam is not spreading like the disgusting malignancy that it really is, all across England and the West.

We might be called Islamophobes or something like that. The truth hurts and Islam is a horribly perverted cult of death.

Nick said...

Another one of Quinnell's that is worth reading is "The Blue Ring".

Think Liam Neeson in "Taken I" then go a few steps farther on down the line.

Nick said...


They have made that one available on Kindle, no problems there eh ...

But not this: