One modern day truism

Please note I say "one."

Hussein Obama 1/28/14 in his State of the Union address:

Let's make this a year of action! That's what most Americans want. For all of us, in this chamber, to focus on their lives, their hopes, their aspirations.

Unsaid - what most American's want is a mommy and daddy from cradle to grave.

Based on the fact that in our White House there is a representative of the people firmly ensconced who spoke those very words, I have to agree that is what "some" Americans want.

But the dreams of our lord and master are not the dreams of ALL Americans.

Eatgrueldog - I want to move to the country that Obama is from

I held it down and didn't churl. I was also able to maintain my composure and not stab my television. Yes, that's right, I watched the entire state of the union address. I was wide eyed and fascinated as the dear leader described how peachy keen things were. Apparently unbeknownst to any of us, we live in a thriving economy that is busily churning out goods like never before seen in history. Unemployment is at an historic 5 year low, we have added 80,000 jobs and manufacturing is producing goods at a rate unseen since world war II. About halfway through the speech I decided that this land of honey and candy coated unicorns sounded so good that I must emigrate there to get my fair share. It was a wonderful place that he described in his starry eyed performance and I decided that I must go.
Then my wife hit me in the head...Hard. She reminded me of all the small things that he was interjecting into his speech. All of the executive orders that he was going to use to move Amerika forward and all the progress we were going to make as a nation. She made me pay attention when he mentioned Newtown and how he, yes he himself, was going to climb down from his unicorn and do something about it. That was when I realized that maybe the candy coating wasn't what it seemed to be. Maybe things weren't what they seemed. Maybe the land of milk and honey wasn't. Then I saw it....

It wasn't the beautiful picture that he was painting. In between his lofty rhetoric he was interjecting his real agenda. The eye of Mordor was upon us. Take away all his caramel coated words and you have what he is really planning. He is going to do what he wants. He is going to further his goals through "Executive action" including smothering your second amendment rights like Jack Nicholson in One flew over the Cuckoo's nest. Everything else he said was fluff to simply hear himself speak. The NSA will continue spying on you, homeland security will continue to infringe on you and TSA will continue to grope you. Fuck him...And the Unicorn he rode in on. Not one more inch...

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