Jihadists in the "United" Kingdom

Experts say more British muslims have now joined the fighting in Syria than travelled to Afghanistan.
One Muslim leader warned there would be "absolutely no control over what they're going to do" when they return home.

Source: Daily Star.

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Unknown said...

Well it is the result the evidence
of this political way,that is so bad
not only for G.B,also for France or
Spain,my country,the islamics came
to Europe for our welfare and NHS
andthey live with poor wages becau
se they don.t have any good paid
professions it means unprofessional
jobs,it means that thet need some
good money for covering theis needs
and it is o big problem for our de
senvolupament in Europe,fron this families are the most radical isla
mics who go where they think can go ahead with the religios war and
it,s consequencies.

PatriotUSA said...

Clever, 'unknown' as not in anonymous but I posted your comment because you are spot on and I appreciate cleverness.