Apple Orchard Blues

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PatriotUSA said...

Yeah, I was fortunate enough to see him and Spirit live at a tiny club in Southern California.

Me and three buddies picked a lock on a side door.

We actually were underage and bribed the bouncers and club owner. I will not say with what but it was a damn fine show.

Nick said...

You've got to write that autobiography man! I mean really!

Nick said...

That's your opening chapter right there, btw!

PatriotUSA said...

The 'tool' I err umm, I mean me and friends used was traded for. I was working as a night manager at a fast food dive where the cops would come and trade their 'items' for car parts, to make their cruisers or personal cars faster as our cars could put theirs to shame. Traded a pair of Hooker headers for one of their old Motorola radios and a set of lock tools the cops just called 'Lord Locks'. These ca,e in real handy and were finely crafted out of 440 stainless.

I later lost these when my house was broken into and where I lived was called 'No man's land' at the time. East of the tracks and between white, black and brown parts of town. We ended up with Razor wire atop our fence and actually used leg hold traps as booby traps outside the fence. It was around one acre in town with a huge eight bedroom house and a small two bedroom house on the back of the lot where I lived with four coon hounds. The place was just known as 'the compound'.

It was a colorful place to live. Liquor store, In-n-Out Burger place, Two Taco stands and the best doughnut shop in the world all next door and down the street.
Really fun times for the most part.