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PatriotUSA said...

Excellent. One thing though...he should be shown inside a septic tank.

PatriotUSA said...

Added some tags hope you do not mind and every post needs to have them. A gentle reminder:)

Nick said...

Whoops, forgot to do that, just whacked the photo up in a hurry there, thanks for adding some.

Nick said...

I remember once I was working on a boat's rudder; the boat was beached on a shallow ledge in the harbour & the tide was out. I had on a pair of big old oilskins/waders & was walking about on the shelf.

Till I stepped off the edge & headed for the bottom of the harbour - the waders started filling up and I was in a bit of trouble there for a moment, no question.

A few quick breaststrokes back on the shelf, underwater, and I could stand up again - soaking wet & with my waders full of water!

I think that was officially what is known as "a close shave".