What is a 'moderate' Muslim - exactly?

Radical Islam is, in truth, the Normative Islam.

Earl Cox writing for the Jerusalem Post

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Zenster said...

In this situation it is best to do what I have been recommending for many years now, take Islamic leaders at their word.

For instance, when Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan talks about "moderate Islam," and says:

"These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that's it."

… listen to the man. There is no use in not believing what all of these pro-terrorist leaders are saying.

Nowhere do you see a single major Islamic figure unequivocally condemn terrorism. There are always some wiggle words, some weaseling and hair-splitting in their definitions and statements. This isn't about ordinary Muslims on the street who might worry over being targeted for apostasy. These are Islam's most renowned and well-guarded individuals. They are largely immune to criticism. Yet all of them are either deafeningly silent about the horrors of terrorism or openly supportive of it.

So, "What is a 'moderate' Muslim - exactly?"

A so-called "moderate Muslims" are the ones who stay silent and provide their own part of the calm waters which form the Islamic sea that terrorist jihadi fish swim in.

Should anyone want to insist upon the most naked facts, truly reform-minded Muslims like the honorable Zuhdi Jasser are statistically insignificant. Moreover—and with no slight intended towards Jasser—such noble individuals are like a tame piranha fish, misleading at best and a dangerous example to base decisions upon at any time.

Furthermore, the massive 1.5 billion body of Muslims is so likely to kill someone like Jasser that it is foolhardy to rely on the continuing efforts of such rare reformers because of the chance that they will not be around very long. Equally unlikely is that they will have much persuasive influence on anyone except Islam's intended victims, and the calming effect they have is entirely counterproductive with respect to surviving Islam.

For further reading, please refer to Fjordman's excellent gloss concerning this topic, "Why We Cannot Rely on Moderate Muslims".