the fundamental problem - worship of the state

The state is now worshipped by many in America, who have renounced their own God-given ability to think for themselves, and to live their own lives according to what they believe is right. From Anthony Gucciardi over at Storyleak.

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Findalis said...

It is not the government who is being prayed to, but Obama. And has Obama said anything against this? NO!

G-d will punish this land for this blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you Americans should read this about your future: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_China_Rules_the_World:_The_End_of_the_Western_World_and_the_Birth_of_a_New_Global_Order

Xi Jingping

Anonymous said...

You Americans are all alike. So shortsighted and always in a hurry. Haven't you ever heard of Strategic Patience? No wonder we will surpass you. Read Jacque's "When China will rule the world" to get a good idea of how to gain long lasting hegemony. By long lasting I mean more than just 150-200 years. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO) lured your thick heads into the best laid trap. A trap 20+ years in the making. Iraq? What a gem that was. Lured into strategic and economic overreach and in the process burning through all your political and diplomatic capital. Don't you see the significance of dates? SCO created in the summer of 2001, Hu Jintao leads the politburo by 2003. Look at the years in question. Two exhausting wars started on those years. History should have taught you something....fighting a two front war never ends positively for those doing the fighting. Didn't Germany's example offer any clues whatsoever? Guess not, otherwise you guys wouldn't have jumped in with so much yeeeehaawww for Shock and Awe and "Mission Accomplished."

Ignorance of global affairs usually leads countries towards the decrepit state you find yourselves in.
It's all a catch-22 from now on.....Austerity or Stimulus? Engage or disengage? All thanks to the brilliant forward thinking of the SCO. Makes NATO look like an empty suit.....or.....a paper tiger?

Xi Jingping

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you for astute and salient comments. Not all of us are as you paint us. I am, personally in favor of keeping out of foreign entanglements but when something such as Islam arises and keeps on being a cancer upon the globe, then the USA should have taken much stronger action, especially after the first WTC attack in 1993. I would have used nukes on several Muslim countries and taken over said countries mineral reserves, ALL of them. I have been a counterjihadist since 1979, long before the term became what it is today or was even used. The USA as you noted is in deep, deep trouble. I know what I would do and that is cut as much as possible but ensure the military, intelligence, our borders are as strong, up to date and secure as possible. Immigration would be cut off, completely and totally. Sadly, the talking heads here have followed the European example and here we are. The USA will endure a deep, dark period before we regain
our center, a constitutionally based center and the liberal progressives are thrown from power. Many of them need to swing from the nearest trees. There are many Americans who saw this coming a couple of decades ago.I started warning people about Obama going back to 2005. He should be impeached, tried for treason and punished. His skin color should not matter but political correctness is one of the worst poisons known to mankind. His entire administration should be tried and convicted. You think we are all the same and we are not. It is unfortunate that so many people here are stupid, ignorant and uneducated, a product of a horrid libtarded, progressive education system.

There are many of us who see the forest for the trees, every damn one of them.