Is John Kerry the biggest hypocrite who ever drew breath?

Has John Kerry forgotten how he wanted to bring American troops home from Vietnam? When asked how this could be done, meaning what about the political realities of the situation and the moral question of fighting a foul ideology that preached world domination, Kerry ignored these issues and replied that they should be brought home on boats.

Now he's standing in front of the TV cameras and saying that America should interfere in a civil war in Syria. Incredible! What's more he's trying to make a moral argument to support his case. Where is the moral outrage at the churches being burned by the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt? At the ongoing imprisonment of Asia Bibi? Where is his moral outrage at the cannibalism of the people he now wants to support in Syria?

And what exactly does Kerry (and that wingnut Cameron in the UK) think can be achieved in Syria anyway? They certainly won't suddenly bring peace and democracy to the Middle East, because that is never going to happen. So what then?

All they'll do is initiate a proxy war with Russia and Iran. Why on earth would they want to do that? Hasn't Bush and Blair's military adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq cost our countries enough already, without deliberately and knowingly sparking off an even worse conflict in yet another Islamic hellhole where everyone hates our guts?

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Findalis said...

Since when is this news. John Kerry opens his mouth and the Stock Market plunges downward at warp speed.

No one believes him or his master Obama for that matter.

OMMAG said...

It fits perfectly with Obama's plan to cause as much harm as possible to AMERICA.

Jake said...

Obama is so 'concerned' about Syria's chemical weapons but sends billions to Egypt who wants to destroy America ! WE NEED AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT WHO ISN'T IN BED WITH ISLAMISTS!!!!!