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Had an interesting day today. I've been having problems with the old thrapple, so I went through to see the ENT guy. He examined me by inserting a scope in through my left nostril & feeding it right down, all in real time & visible on a screen by the chair. Live in colour, man.

Anyhow the theory is that I've damaged the lining halfway down with a fish bone but it's all healing up ok, so there's no great problems, it'll just take some time to heal properly. There's a government stamped time limit on getting treatment for this sort of thing - throat/swallowing problems etc - it can be serious as I know only too well - so if I have any more issues then I just need to let them know and they'll have me in for a scan pronto. Hopefully that won't be necessary and everything will settle down.

I've been living on soup and yoghurt for a couple of weeks too, so that's now abandoned & it's back to eating regular food - which is great, first stop when I got out was a sandwich shop (I had two!)

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PatriotUSA said...

Very pleased to hear you are all right. A fish bone, eh? Two sammys? Well done and I would have have done the same.

Thanks for sharing some fine tunes.

VERY MUCH appreciated!!!!

Findalis said...

Remember this Nick: Always check your fish for bones before swallowing it. I know how you feel. I had the same thing happen to me when I was 12. Nearly scared me off of fish.

Nick said...

No more fish suppers for me!