a little democracy goes a long way

I can't tell you how satisfying it was to see David Cameron getting slapped down the other day. This ass thinks he can swan about and do whatever the hell he likes, but he was reminded of the facts of life this week. We've had enough of career politicians lying to us and getting us entangled in the endless war in the Islamic world. What on earth did he think he was going to achieve anyway? Maybe people like Cameron and Blair have never learned that the ONLY REASON to start a military operation is to KILL THE ENEMY and by so doing DEFEAT THE ENEMY.

The only legitimate objective in any military operation is COMPLETE AND UTTER VICTORY.

If you're not going to do that, then don't bother doing anything at all.

There were so many things wrong with Cameron's spiel it's difficult to know where to start - there is absolutely no way that getting embroiled in a proxy war with Russia in Syria could ever be a good thing - by attacking one side you are by definition altering the balance in there & giving an advantage to the other sides - again there is no way that is a good thing, given who those guys are - but at least some of the hard questions were put to Cameron, and when he had no good answers, the media and our elected representatives did their job - for once - and he was given a big fat NO!

More of the same please ...

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