sick of the racism game

I'm sick of all this bleating about racism all the time. If there are white people who truly believe that THEY are guilty of something because of a) the color of their skin and b) what SOMEONE ELSE did years before they were even born - then what THEY need to do is hang THEMSELVES from the nearest lamppost with a sign round their neck saying that THEY are guilty (of whatever it is THEY believe THEY are guilty of.)

As for me I'm guilty of SFA. I was busy being born in the sixties, spent the first part of my life in ARI struggling to live, several years after that as an innocent child, and my adulthood has been typical insofar as I have had NO power and NO influence over much of anything, bar where I choose to work, what kind of car I drive, and how much beer I drink. Anything that happened before I was born, and practically everything that has happened in the whole wide world since, has absolutely NOTHING to do with me. Anyone who claims otherwise, and bases their claim on nothing but the color of my skin ... is a RACIST.

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PatriotUSA said...

Well said Nick, well said.

Anonymous said...

Of course all this palaver deflects attention away from the many scandals that no longer seem to be in the news, so it serves a useful purpose - if you're a corrupt agent of the state, or if your name is Holder.

Findalis said...

The only racists in America these days are the Blacks.

Call me racist for this.