George Zimmerman's Brother: Civil Lawsuit 'Might Not Be Very Flattering' To Trayvon Martin's Family

From the Liberal media sewer, The Huffington Post:

If Trayvon Martin's family decides to file a wrongful-death suit against George Zimmerman, they could be opening a Pandora's box, according to Zimmerman's older brother.

"A myriad of things that were off-limits in a criminal trial would come into play in a civil case. Specifically, things that might not be very flattering to Trayvon or his family," Robert Zimmerman Jr. said in an email to The Huffington Post.

George Zimmerman, a 29-year-old former neighborhood watch volunteer, was acquitted earlier this month of all criminal charges in the 2012 shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Prior to the start of Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial, the judge overseeing the case ruled that lawyers for Zimmerman could not mention Martin's alleged history of fighting or pictures of drugs and guns found on his cell phone.

"Public opinion was swayed by a false presentation of this case from the beginning," Zimmerman's lawyer Mark O'Mara said at a press conference after the ruling. "The Martin family, through their handlers, presented a picture of who Trayvon was and who George was that is wholly inaccurate."

After the verdict, the Martin family's lawyer, Benjamin Crump, told ABC's "This Week" that his clients were considering a suit against Zimmerman.

"They are going to certainly look at [a lawsuit] as an option. They deeply want a sense of justice. They deeply don't want their son's death to be in vain," he told ABC.

To win in a criminal trial, prosecutors need to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Plaintiffs in a civil case do not have that burden.

However, filing a case would be difficult because of Florida's stand your ground law. The statute provides criminal and civil immunity to anyone who uses deadly force in a situation in which one has a reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily injury.

A judge would have to determine whether the law applies in this case. If it does, Zimmerman would be released from liability and would also be able to collect attorney fees, court costs and related expenses.
While Zimmerman has not commented on the outcome of the trial or the possibility of another, his brother said he does not expect the Martin family will actually file suit.

"I don't expect a wrongful death suit ... There is the potential assertion of civil immunity before the case would even start -- things that were off limits during the case might also come up then. Also, a criminal acquittal goes a long way to supporting a civil immunity claim," Robert Zimmerman Jr. told HuffPost.

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What exactly are those, "things that might not be very flattering to Trayvon or his family"? The fact that Ashtrayvon's autopsy revealed liver damage consistent with over-consumption of "Purple Drank" that makes its abusers into paranoid and violence prone psychos? Or that the entire Martin family suffers from a severe deficit in content of character? What about the mountains of evidence concerning Martin's aspirations to be a gangsta, that were suppressed in the name of railroading Zimmerman?

There is at least a little solace in knowing that Ashtrayvon's mother, Sybrina Fulton—despite having won the ghetto lottery—will probably be broke within a year or two. Aside from killing each other with cheerful abandon, Black people also seem to excel at squandering fortunes. It's doubtful that a calculating, money grubbing lowlife—who sought to capitalize upon her son's all-too-timely demise—like Sybrina "Justice For Trayvon©" Fulton will prove to be much of an exception. Never mind that she kicked Traydemark out of her house three times in four months.

One useful aspect of a civil suit against Zimmerman would be to see how the media might try to spin the mountains of negative evidence about Ashtrayvon. There is no upside for the media in this after they routinely lionized this punk thug nine ways to Sunday. Yet, there is no possible way they could avoid coverage of such a sensational trial. It is amusing to speculate about the journalist gymnastics they would have to employ to avoid any admission that Ashtrayvon was a violent, misogynistic, wannabe gangsta thug who ended up doing the one thing most Black people try to avoid like the plague; namely experiencing the true consequences of his actions.

Fortunately, there are splendid Black individuals like the Reverend Doctor James David Manning who de-mythologizes Ashtrayvon and has twigged to how Obama—along with his cohort of race baiting wannabe warlord poverty pimps—want nothing less than a permanent and indelible branding of White America as irredeemably racist. Dr. Manning is one of the few voices within his community who takes his race to task with no holds barred. He has the courage to call Al not-so-Sharpton a "Nappy Head Hoe" and has identified Obama as the "Son of Satan".

A quote from his, now unavailable "Senator Tarzan" speech about Obama: If anyone can find a cached version of this video-http://atlah.org/broadcast/ndnr10-17-08.html-please post a link here)


The good Dr. Manning pulls no punches, be it about Traydemark or the guy who claimed his son would have looked like him.

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