Who are the real criminals here?

On the Espionage Act charges against Edward Snowden

Who is actually bringing 'injury to America': those who are secretly building a massive surveillance system or those who inform citizens that it's being done?
Glenn Greenwald @ The Guardian.

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Findalis said...

Who are the real criminals? Both.

Snowden for theft.
The Government for violation of privacy.

Nick said...

Snowden will undoubtedly pay for what he's done, but the other lot ... they'll keep on lining their pockets and nothing will happen to them ..

What I'd like to know is: If the NSA has all this surveillance capabilities, why doesn't anyone know where Obama was, what he was doing, and who he spoke to on the night of Benghazi?

Nick said...

Apparently Edward Snowden has left Hong Kong and flown to Russia. The Telegraph, June 23d.