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Yesterday America learned that the U.S. government is gathering information on our phone calls and can follow our every keystroke. We are reassured that the information is to stop terrorists. And yet the government fails to stop terrorists when it has information about them, because President Barack Obama refuses to understand that our enemy is radical Islam and the agencies he directs follow his disastrous lead.

Source: Joel Pollack at Breibart.com

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Andrea said...

Before radical islam we have a bigger problem - Hussein Obama.

Zenster said...

All of these measures would be largely unnecessary if this country did not permit the immigration of Muslims onto our shores.

Our most basic liberties have been compromised for the sake of allowing this nation's sworn enemies a chance to live here without any requirement to assimilate or integrate.

Anonymous said...

The question is not why doesn't he use all that intel against the real enemies of the United States, but who do they intend to use it against?

They've thrown money and resources at this project. It exists. It's real.

What's it for?