Progressive American Values: Secrecy and Force.

What is happening to America? We have the taxman coming after political opponents of the White House, journalists being investigated by politicians for doing their job, instead of journalists investigating politicians for not doing theirs, we have proven political liars being rewarded for their deeds, American citizens being left to die in an Islamic hell-hole in North Africa in order to shore up a political narrative that would keep people in power, we have an idiot like Joe Biden revealing to the whole world which military unit slotted bin Laden, and now we have the President saying hey it's no big deal that the government is secretly spying on its own citizens, we need to do that in order to prevent terrorist attacks. You know, terrorist attacks like the one at the Boston Marathon a few weeks ago. That secret program's working out well, then.

The devil walks the earth looking for people to devour, we are told. It looks as if Satan has visited Washington and discovered fast food.

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