End Times

I was listening to John Loeffler of Steel on Steel in the car today and started thinking about a few things. I've seen many people on TV and on videos on the internet raise the question of where America is in the end times. The answer appears to be - nowhere.

The question rests on the assumption that America will be a) powerful and b) a force for good in the world. Since Barack Obama was elected as President of America, an historical event marked by his speech in Cairo which gave the forces of Islam the green light to launch the first stage of the Islamic Awakening, America has been on a downward spiral.

If America reaches a condition where she is no longer powerful enough to intervene in world affairs, and she is no longer a force for good in any case, then the biblical end-time scenarios we are all familiar with become entirely feasible.

Is it possible for America to implode and end up in the middle of an economic collapse, devastating civil strive, or violent, outright social collapse? That seems not only possible, but more likely with every week that passes.

And if America goes down and becomes a burnt-out nation, and the Muslim Brotherhood and other hard-core Islamic forces rise up throughout the Middle East, and add to that the possibility of other Western countries outlawing criticism of Islam, and we could end up living in a world almost entirely dominated by Islam - the Middle East would be under the power of Islamic forces, the West would be existing in legalised dhimmi status, and the nation of Israel would be left to stand against a world of spiritual darkness.

At which point ...

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